Bird Flu in MEXICO: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is BIRD FLU outbreak hits chicken farms in MEXICO(Web-site/URL:

“An outbreak of avian flu in western Mexico has killed at least 870,000 poultry birds since its detection last month (June, 2012) but poses NO threat to humans, the agriculture ministry said on Monday (July 2, 2012)”. REALLY?

“The H7N3 flu was detected in two municipalities in the state of Jalisco, Mexico’s largest chicken farming region, and authorities have been WORKING QUICKLY (?) to contain the outbreak, a statement from the ministry said”. This is the latest INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: When was the last time a POLITICIAN “worked quickly?”

According to Jose Munoz of the Jalisco state government, “There is NO risk of infection (in humans) as a result of consuming poultry“…FOR NOW. REALLY?

IT WAS NOT CLEAR how many of the 870,000 birds – just a small fraction of the national flock – had contracted the flu and how many had been culled by farmers to contain its spread, an agriculture ministry official said”.

“Mexican health inspectors had examined nearly 150 poultry farms in Jalisco by Friday (July 1, 2012) and detected the virus in 10″This is something that we need to keep a close eye on.

Finally, according to “the official… (who asked) not be named”, “The virus has NEVER been out of control. It is LOCALIZED in two places in Jalisco and UP UNTIL NOW, there is NO evidence that it is anywhere else“. Again, this is a very fluid situation that could quickly change.

So, BIRD FLU is back on our radar screens/something we need to track/be aware of. Also since this outbreak occurred in WESTERN Mexico, people in states such as CALIFORNIANEW MEXICO and ARIZONA should be vigilant/on high alert against any POTENTIAL outbreaks.


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