Young Americans Now Hate DRIVING: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “America’s Generation Y NOT driven to DRIVE(Web-site/URL:–sector.html). Interesting.

“To Shoshana Gurian-Sherman, driving SEEMED LIKE A BIG HASSLE. OK, a significant proportion of people would agree with herTHIS IS LEGIT. More specifically, the 23-year-old Minneapolis resident said: “Part of it was LAZINESSI DIDN’T REALLY WANT TO PUT IN THE EFFORT to learn how to drive … I knew how to ride the buses, so it (i.e. driving) WAS NOT necessary. And the other thing was, it was just SCARY, the idea of being in charge of a vehicle that POTENTIALLY could kill me or other people“. Again, FEAR is a HUGE factor here. “She eventually got her license at 18, two years later than she could have, after HER PARENTS threatened not to pay for college if she did not learn to drive, a skill THEY considered to be important“. Again, it’s all about INTERPRETATIONS. We must be open to DIFFERENT interpetations (Web-site/URL: If we’re not, we know and we’ve seen how problematic INTOLERANCE can be. We all know people like that.

According to Tony Dudzik, “a senior policy analyst of the Frontier Group, a California-based think tank that has studied this phenomenon”, “That moment of realizing that you’re a grown-up – for MY generation, that was when you got your driver’s license or car“, but THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND ANY SINGLE PERSON. “For young people now, that moment comes when you get your first CELLPHONEWell, maybe not. The true sign of being “grown up” is INCREASED RESPONSIBILITY, but these responsibilities MAY NOT include driving.

“Bikes and car-sharing services make it easier to avoid the expense of owning a fossil-fueled vehicle”, which is what many CHINESE parents are obsessed over: “the expense” or COSTS, WITHOUT CONSIDERING ANYTHING ELSE. “Environmental concerns are another reason, said David Jacobs of the Tombras Group, a marketing firm based in Knoxville, Tennessee”. “IT’S NOT the main reason, but it is a COMPELLING reason“. “More central is the group’s GENERAL ANXIETY over FINANCES and THE ECONOMY,…”, which is something that many people are concerned about at least in THE UNITED STATES and EUROPE anyway. “They’re shouldering higher MORTGAGE costs (and) RENT; their INSURANCE costs are higher than previous generations” obviouslyTHIS IS UNDENIABLE. “And all that’s happening after A COUPLE OF recessions (NOT JUST one), so they’ve really never, as young adults, seen a very healthy, stable economy. THEY’RE WORRIED ABOUT A LOT OF THINGSLet’s stop and explain something here. Even if young people DON’T have financial worries, THERE ARE MANY OTHER THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT. “To sell cars or anything else to Generation Y,…”you have to talk to them at THEIR level and make THEM interested and show them (that) you are a VALUABLE, REPUTABLE company with A QUALITY PRODUCT and YOU DO care about the environment (and) the economy”. “the economy” is a MUCH greater concern. Also, “talk to THEM at THEIR level and make THEM interested” is also critical in order to avoid the “If you don’t care what I think, why should I care what you think” problemIn other words, we must EMPATHIZE (Web-site/URL:

Finally, “That fits with Gurian-Sherman’s thoughts on the environment in her decision not to own a car: “I DON’T KNOW if I consider myself an environmentalist (or not), but I care about THE IMPACT that I (will) have“.

So, assuming that the information in this report is accurate, PARENTS NEED NOT rush to put their kids into drivers’ education in high school or insist that they learn it before their second year in university (some people should pay more attention to this than others and these people know who they are). Young people have enough on their plates. It’s time to GIVE US A BREAK/let us RELAX a bit. We shouldn’t be ordered around over everything, especially over something as minor as driving or something as important/critical as finding a partner especially when BELIEFS are different (Web-site/URL:


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