MASSIVE “Protests” Against Leung Chun-Ying: Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on June 30, 2012 is “Protests as Hong Kong marks 15 years under China” (Web-site/URL: Typical isn’t it?

DEFIANT protestors targeted China’s President Hu Jintao in Hong Kong on Sunday (July 1 2012)  as the former British colony swore in a new leader and marked the 15th anniversary of its return to Chinese rule”. “defiant” and “targeted” are the first expressions of DISSATISFACTION/DISGUST/ANGER/DISCONTENT.

“new Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, a millionaire property consultant seen as close to China’s COMMUNIST rulers, said as he read out the oath before SHAKING HANDS WITH Hu”: “I vow to defend the HONG KONG Basic Law”but the fact that Leung “(shook) hands with” Hu justifiably make Hongkongers DEEPLY suspicious of him because this action is a dead giveaway that Leung is a China PUPPET and “millionaire” is the latest indication of SPECIAL INTERESTS/BEING OUT OF TOUCH WITH MAINSTREAM SOCIETY.  

“…as the president began his own speech to around 2,300 guests in a harborfront convention hall, a protestor repeatedly shouted “End one-party rule”. This protester was surely a member of the League of Social Democrats (LSD), a RADICAL party whose members LOATHE China and although we cannot agree with his methods (being disruptive & disorderly in causing a public disturbance), we can certainly understand his FRUSTRATION.

“The Chinese president said that Beijing’s support for “one country, two systems” and the right of THE PEOPLE OF HONG KONG to rule the territory was “UNWAVERING“. REALLY? This is merely WINDOW-DRESSING because “the people of Hong Kong” STILL CANNOT pick their own leader (i.e. the Chief Executive) so the emphasis of “one countrytwo systems” is clearly still on ONE COUNTRY and “the right of the people of Hong Kong to rule the territory” is A FARCE because CHINA is still ruling HONG KONG.

Hu, “who will step down as part of a once-a-decade leadership transition in Beijing starting this year (2012)”, continued: “We will follow the Basic Law (Hong Kong’s constitution)to continue to ADVANCE DEMOCRATIC DEVELOPMENT in Hong Kong”, with COMMUNIST characteristics, of courseLet’s also note “who will step down as part of a once-a-decade leadership transition in Beijing”Again, ordinary people HAVE NO SAY IN SUCH AFFAIRS.  

“Ahead of the inauguration, a group of demonstrators outside a nearby building burned Leung’s portrait, shouting: “BATTLE the Communist Party! We will BATTLE TO THE END!” “battle” clearly indicates that this is getting NASTY/UGLY and the gulf between Hong Kong and China is only getting WIDER.

“In another protest, marchers held aloft a mock red coffin bearing the words in Chinese: “The Liaison Office (Beijing’s representative) (STILL) governs Hong Kong”.

“A few hundred metres (yards) from the flag-raising (ceremony), a few protestors shouted “People won’t forget” in reference to (the) Tiananmen (Square massacre)”. “Hu Jintao, can you hear?” Actually, ZHAO ZIYANG was responsible for orchestrating this brutal crackdownbut we can use the GUILT BY ASSOCIATION principle to blame Hu as well.

“On Saturday (June 30, 2012) police used PEPPER SPRAY to push back a few dozen demonstrators who tried to get past barricades more than two metres (6.5 feet) high at rallies near Hu’s hotel”. Using pepper spray, as we know, is an EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE tactic and can be VERY HARMFUL. making this the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

ANGER has been heightened by the death of Li Wangyang, a leading Chinese dissident whose body was found in his hospital ward in China in June (2012). His family says he died under suspicious circumstances“. This is ABSOLUTELY the case “Li was reportedly found on his feet with a strip of cloth tied around his neck and connected to a window bar” (Web-site/URL: WHO “tied the strip of cloth around his neck?” THIS IS CERTAINLY “suspicious”In fact, it’s the latest case of the Communist Party MURDERING someone over what they believe, which, again, is DISGRACEFUL.

“China’s rise has helped spur impressive economic growth in Hong Kong and boost the city’s status as a key financial hub, but tensions are growing (surely) between the seven million locals and their northern neighbors”.

“Hong Kongers accuse an influx of newly RICH Chinese mainlanders of everything from PUSHING UP property prices (to the point where many local Hongkongers can now no longer afford to buy a home) to MONOPOLIZING school places, maternity beds and even baby milk formula”. Of course, everyone should know about the SANLU melamine scandal (Web-site/URL: and many mainland Chinese women are marrying Hong Kong men or even simply RUSHING ACROSS THE BORDER from Shenzhen just to give birth, which, again, is A DISGRACE.

Finally, from a statistical perspective:

  • “A poll released by the University of Hong Kong last week (June 18-22, 2012)  showed mistrust among Hong Kongers toward Beijing at a new post-handover high of 37 percent”.
  • “Another survey by the university this week (June 25-29,2012)showed the number of Hong Kong people who identify themselves primarily as citizens of China has plunged to a 13-year low”. Again, NO SURPRISE THERE.

Hong Kong people had NO choice in this small circle election so these “protests” were LEGIT and EXPECTED (Web-site/URL:


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