HONG KONG: LEUNG CHUN-YING Takes Office: Bloomberg

The title of a recently released Bloomberg article is “New Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung (Chun-Ying) to Take Office AMID PROTESTS” (Web-site/URL:
http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-06-30/new-hong-kong-chief-executive-leung-to-take-office-amid-protests.html). Again, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

“as he read out the oath before Chinese president Hu Jintao, then shook hands with the head of state in front of around 2,300 guests in a harbourfront hall”, Leung said: “I vow to defend the HONG KONGBasic LawWILL HE, given his EXTREMELY close ties to BEIJING?

“in his inauguration speech as the chief executive, essentially an enhanced city mayor”, Leung went on: “I will seek to perform my best to repay the trust given to me by THE CENTRAL (Chinese) GOVERNMENT and THE PEOPLEAgainwho will Leung honor first: THE HONG KONG PEOPLE or “the central government?” I will honour my election promise to BRING CHNAGE (?) to Hong Kong while PRESERVING STABILITY“. “bring change?” WHAT KIND OF “change?” Will Leung bring Hong Kong closer to true democracy with ACCOUNTABILITY or closer to BEIJING? Former Constitutional & MAINLAND Affairs Secretary  is moving on to study theology at Oxford Universitybut he seemed to be HAPPY when “Constitutional Affairs Secretary” was renamed as “Secretary For Constitution & MAINLAND Affairs”. If Lam could advise Leung, it would surely be THE LATTER, after which there would surely be an uproar, because, as we know, there is DEEP mistrust between ordinary Hongkongers and Beijing.

Bottom Line: Leung has to accept that as a PUBLIC SERVANT, he IS NOT beyond reproach. He must honor the wishes of Hongkongers while Beijing takes a back seat. This is what autonomy meansBeijing has been ordering Hong Kong around for 15 years now. We can only HOPE that Leung IS NOT his predecessor, DONALD TSANG who rushed to China every time Hongkongers disagreed with him, such as when Tsang’s electoral reform package was vetoed/rejected by Legco (Web-site/URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_development_in_Hong_Kong#2005_reform_package)


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