The title of an MSNBC article released on June 30, 2012 is “GOP TRYING to transform health care DEFEAT into ELECTION DAY wins” (Web-site/URL: Sound familiar?

According to Sen. Jim DeMint, “in a FUND-RAISING e-mail to supporters of his Senate Conservatives Fund”, “I know many (?) of you are ANGRY about the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare”“many?” Does DeMint have a number/statistic? This is only his INTERPRETATION/what he wants to BELIEVE (Web-site/URL: As far as “angry” is concernedMANY PEOPLE are “angry”. “I am too. We’re now living in a post-constitutional era that is DESTROYING our country”. This is yet another INTERPRETATION/BELIEF (Web-site/URL: WHO “is destroying our country?” This is another/the latest case of “We think they made us mad; they think we made them mad and here we go” (Web-site/URL: On top of this, “fund-raising” reinforces the fact that POLITICS is all about MONEY. The candidates who raise the most money usually win. “But he said in the wake of Thursday’s decision, “there is only one solution to our government’s UNCHECKED power: WIN ELECTIONS”, which is what Republicans have been obsessed with ever since TED KENNEDY passed away.

“Rep. Phil Gingrey, R- Ga., told reporters Friday (June 29, 2012), “I want to say to our base in the Republican Party: Get even more active than you’ve been. GET OUT and vote and take your friends with you. Because this train is leaving the station and there’s not going to be another opportunity. If Barack Obama is re-elected to a second term and we don’t replace him with the 45th president, then this law sinks in, it gets roots and it ain’t going away“. This is a call to arms and is now officially a PROPAGANDA war.

“In a more neutral tone, Chief Justice John Roberts had a similar message in his decision Thursday (June 27, 2012): If you’re unhappy with a decision made by Congress or the president, (then) VOTE“. This is trueUnfortunately, there still AREN’T direct elections in many countries/regions (e.g. HONG KONG)Also, is anyone TRULY “neutral” these days?

“Roberts reminded Americans that — UNLIKE Roberts himself — elected officials “can be THROWN out of office if the people disagree with them”. Roberts, of course, was appointed by former president GEORGE W. BUSHThe Supreme Court is one of the mostUNDEMOCRATIC American institutions. Justices are appointed for LIFE.

According to National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) spokesman Nat Sillin”, “Democrats got BOOTED OUT of office in 2010 for their support of ObamaCare and now they’re out taking SELF-CONGRATULATORY VICTORY LAPS“, the latest example of POLITICIANS’ ARROGANCE, a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People”. Furthermore, “booted out” is the latest example of the “force and pain” technique another fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People”  (Web-site/URL: VOTING FOR ObamaCare ended their congressional careers and IT’S GOING TO SINK their chances at a comeback”. This is what Sillin wants, BELIEVES WILL or EXPECTS TO occur/happen (Web-site/URL:

“Rep. David Loebsack, D-Iowa, whose district is LESS Democratic after redistricting than it was in 2010, faces a MORE competitive race than he did two years ago (2010). Loebsack said he CAN’T predict what effect the Supreme Court decision will have on his race”. “What I’m going to do and what I did last time (2010), is talking about the things that people in the district are telling me they LIKE about it: things such as children age 26 and below staying on their parents’ insurance”. Yes, there are many people who “like” (i.e. SUPPORT) this critically important legislation. “There are a lot of seniors in Iowa and that (prescription drug) donut hole is getting closed; I go to a lot of senior centers and they’re VERY APPRECIATIVE of that.” IS ANYONE “very appreciative” of ANYONE ELSE these days? Loebsack won by a 51-46% margin in 2010 (Web-site/URL:

“Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) spokesman Jesse Ferguson said that House Republicans were “trying to put their INSURANCE COMPANY campaign donors back in charge of health care at the expense of consumer protections for the middle class, but the American people WON’T stand for it“. This is a PURELY POLITICAL argument. “Republicans will pay a BIG POLITICAL PRICE for spending 18 months choosing OBSTRUCTION and EXTREMISM to protect insurance companies and millionaires instead of consumers and Medicare”, another PURELY POLITICAL argument.

“Sen. Jon Tester, D- Montana, whose re-election fight with Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg is rated as a TOSS-UP by the non-partisan Cook Political Report, said Thursday’s (June 28, 2012) Supreme Court affirmation of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) WOULD NOT have much effect on his race”. This is Tester’s INTERPRETATION/EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL:  “I DON’T  think anything changes much, other than (the fact that) there’s more surety about how we’re moving forward, which I think is POSITIVEThis is one of those rare “positive” comments/remarks. “IT’S STILL about holding insurance companies accountable, about making sure people with PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS can get insurance and folks who get sick DON’T get thrown off because of lifetime caps”, all of which are critically important.

“But Jonathan Collegio, spokesman for the conservative group American Crossroads, argued in an e-mail Thursday (June 28, 2012) that “Obamacare IS NO LONGER an abstraction…..  Obamacare is now a REAL, CONCRETE, TAX-HIKING and REGULATORY-EXPANDING law that will or will not be repealed in January, 2013depending on the outcome of the 2012 elections”The GOP IS STILL obsessed with the “tax-hiking” argument and they are still campaigning on a platform of “repeal” that started on March 23, 2010 (Web-site/URL:

“Collegio singled out Rep. Joe Donnelly, D- Ind., who is running against Republican Richard Mourdock for the Indiana Senate seat now held by Sen. Richard Lugar”, who most recently lost in the Indiana GOP Senate primary (Web-site/URL: “Collegio said that in his 2010 House campaign, “Donnelly had to DEFEND a vote on Obamacare that he took eight months earlier – which was on the books, but which folks were moving past. This year (2012), Democrats like Donnelly must DEFEND voting for the legislation and its MASSIVE tax hikes again – with an election between now and the vote for repeal“. Who’s “defending?”For Indiana voters, a vote for Joe Donnelly will LITERALLY become a vote for Obamacare”. Boy, this debate is certainly getting chippy.

Finally, “Donnelly said in a statement Friday (June 29, 2012) that in the wake of the high court’s decision, “Hoosiers WILL BE PLEASED to learn that many POSITIVE aspects of this law, such as LOWER prescription drug costs for seniors, making sure (that) people CANNOT be dropped by insurance companies if they get sick and making healthcare more affordable and accessible, remain law. Yet this law is FAR FROM PERFECT (of course) and I will work with BOTH parties to improve it and protect Medicare”This is the latest promise of bi-partisanship that often DOES NOT materialize. “He added that Mourdock’s “ONLY unique contribution to the debate on lowering healthcare costs has been to suggest that employers could choose NOT to offer cancer treatment coverage to their employees”.

Again, it’s all about POLITICS and ELECTIONEERING, with Republicans trying to take over the Senate as well as the White House and Democrats trying to prevent this from happening/materializing/occurring.


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