SIX SEATTLE MARINERS’ Pitchers Team Up for NO-HITTER: Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on June 9, 2012 is “Mariners 6-PACK combines for no-hitter vs. Dodgers(Web-site/URL:–mlb.html).

“Mariners catcher Jesus Montero ran around with his arms in the air looking for someone to join in the party”.

“After the final out of an ODD no-hitter pitched by Kevin Millwood and FIVE Seattle relievers, NOBODY WAS SURE HOW TO CELEBRATE“. NO SURPRISE THERE. THIS WAS INDEED “an odd no-hitter”, EXTREMELY “odd”.

“Millwood left after six innings with a groin injury and A STREAM OF Seattle relievers continued to hold the Dodgers in check until Tom Wilhelmsen closed out a 1-0 win over Los Angeles for his third save”.

According to Montero, “I think we all took a second and looked around and were like, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN — and what do we do now?”

Montero went on: “HE (Wilhelmsen) WAS SURPRISED“. Again, THIS IS EXPECTED. “He didn’t know. … I jumped on him and I was like, ‘Hey, it’s a NO-HITTER!’ And he went, ‘What?!” And then he was so happy after that. He was so focused on the game. That’s what happened“.

According to Millwood, “I’M EXCITED for ALL these guys that came in the game out of the bullpen and kept it going. It’s a little bit more exciting for those guys WHEN THEY CAN BE A PART OF ITof courseThis is what team means, NOT JUST ONE GUY CELEBRATING A DOMINANT VICTORY.

According to Kyle Seager, who made a bang-bang play to get Dee Gordon (Web-site/URL:, “THIS WAS A LOT BETTER THAN HAVING IT AGAINST YOU, that’s for sureobviously.

According to Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly, “REALLY, I had visions of winning that game WITHOUT a hit. First and second, I’m thinking wild pitch, sac fly. With League in the game, that split, YOU NEVER KNOW (what might happen)”. This means that Wedge thinks that League HAS CONTROL ISSUES/PROBLEMSInterestingly/ironically, Mattingly is saying this despite the fact that his Dodgers’ LOST this game.

Finally, according to Mariners’ manager Eric Wedge, “When you win a 1-0 ballgame IN THAT FASHION (with SIX pitchers combining/teaming up for a no-hitter), so many different people have to step up, DEFENSIVELY and ON THE MOUND (and) That’s what you saw tonight“.

So,perhaps now, we have a new concept in baseball: the TEAM no-hitter. Just like in LIFE, BASEBALL IS NOT A ONE-MAN SHOW. It’s about THE TEAM/GETTING AS MANY PEOPLE INVOLVED AS POSSIBLE.


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