MENTALLY ILL/UNSTABLE Gunman Kills 6, Including Himself in Bloody SEATTLE Rampage: Reuters

The title of a Reuters article released on May 31, 2012 is “Gunman kills five people and himself in Seattle rampage” (Web-site/URL: “rampage” is clearly BRUTAL/GRUESOME/HORRIFYING.

“A gunman killed four people at a popular Seattle cafe on Wednesday (May 29, 2012) then fled to a downtown parking lot where he killed a fifth person and stole her car before SHOOTING HIMSELF IN THE HEAD as police closed in, authorities said”. “shooting himself in the head” is clearly GRUESOME. For the grace of God…

“The suspect, identified as Ian Lee Stawicki, 40 and described as MENTALLY DISTURBED, died at a hospital hours after the late-morning slayings, which police initially treated as two separate incidents”. “mentally disturbed” is clearly disturbing. HERE WE GO AGAIN.

“The father of the sole surviving victim, the cafe’s chef, told Reuters that police detectives had said the gunman was known to have had “PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS and CAUSED A DISTURBANCE at the coffee house a few days earlier”. “psychiatric problems” is another acronym for “mentally disturbed” and “caused a disturbance” was clearly HORRIFYING/TERRIFYING because many people surely GOT CAUGHT UP in the scuffles.

“Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn told a news conference that the two slayings, following a recent rash of other shootings, had shaken the city” obviously. “He urged municipal leaders to “bring an end to this gun violence that the city is seeing“. Is this just more LIP SERVICE? Let’s keep in mind that the NRA is a powerful LOBBYING group with plenty of influence. So, again, this is MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE.

“in a statement posted on Twitter, before the fifth death was announced”, the police department said: “The man detectives believe to be the lone suspect in 4 murders in 2 locations SHOT HIMSELF IN THE HEAD when approached“. “shot himself in the head” is the latest GRUESOME phraseThis also means that this was a MURDER-SUICIDE.

“Stawicki’s brother, Andrew, 29, a resident of Ellensburg, Washington, told the Seattle Times that his older sibling, whom he recognized from a published photo taken from the Cafe Racer’s surveillance camera, HAD A HISTORY OF MENTAL ILLNESS“. OH GOD. “IT’S NO SURPRISE that this happenedWe could see this coming. NOTHING GOOD IS GOING TO COME WITH THAT MUCH ANGER INSIDE YOU obviously“anger” can often turn into a dangerous and in an increasing number of casesincluding this one, a DEADLY emotion.

“The sole surviving victim was identified as Leonard Meuse, 46, the cafe chef, who was hit by at least one bullet that PIERCED A LUNG, grazed his LIVER and a KIDNEY, but MISSED his KIDNEY, his father, Raymond Meuse, told Reuters“. “liver”  is clearly MORE seriousbecause WE ONLY HAVE ONE while we have TWO kidneys. “The gunman…, “was a person WHO HAS PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS and HAD BEEN DISRUPTIVE THERE (at the cafe) a few days earlier, detectives told me”.

To conclude, let’s mention all the words & phrases that signify INSANITY: “mentally disturbed”“psychiatric problems”, “had a history of mental illness” and “who has psychiatric problems”Again, Ian Lee Stawicki WAS insane and againthis IS NOT something to be proud ofInsanity is an explanation, NOT AN EXCUSEWe can understand why he did what he did, but this clearly DOES NOT EXCUSE or EXONERATE him from the terrible crime that he has committed.


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