The title of a Yahoo! article released on May 28, 2012 is “SPECIAL (?) envoy Kofi Annan arrives in Syria” (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/special-envoy-kofi-annan-arrives-syria-103256985.html). How “special” is Annan?

“A U.N. spokesman says special envoy Kofi Annan has arrived in Damascus for talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad and other senior officials”.

“The visit comes just days after a gruesome weekend massacre that killed more than 100 people”.

According to Maj. Gen. Robert Mood, “the head of the UNARMED U.N. observer mission, (speaking) in Damascus”, “Today, I LOOK VERY MUCH FORWARD TO (?) Annan’s visit, I look forward to be able to covey my impressions of the Syrian people”Again, these “observers” are “UNarmed” while Bashar al-Assad’s cronies are ARMED so IT’S UNCLEAR what Mood is “(looking) forward to”.  “Also, to share with him that THE SUFFERING of the Syrian people is something that they DON’T deserve” obviouslyIT IS UNDENIABLE that “the Syrian people” have “suffered” ENOUGH9000 innocent lives have been lost and that’s only the OFFICIAL count/what THE SYRIAN GOVERNMENT IS TELLING USWe know that the actual casualty (death & wounded figures) are MUCH higher.

“Annan was expected inSyria on Monday (May 28, 2012), as activists reported a fresh bombardment in the central city of Hama”.

“Human Rights Watch urged a SWIFT (?) investigation“. When was the last time POLITICIANS did anything “swiftly?” NEVER. According to the group’s Middle East and North Africa director, Sarah Lee Whitson, THERE’S NO WAY (that) a Syrian military commission can CREDIBLY investigate this HORRENDOUS crime when so much evidence suggests PROgovernment forces were responsible” obviously. “Annan SHOULD insist that Syria grant access to the U.N. commission of inquiry to investigate this and other GRAVE CRIMES“. Well, POLITICIANS “should” do many things that they end up NOT doing AT ALL.

“The (United Nations) Security Council issued a press statement Sunday (May 27, 2012) that “condemned in the strongest possible terms” the killings in Houla. It blamed Syrian forces for artillery and tank shelling of residential areas” (obviously)”. “It also condemned the killings of civilians “by SHOOTING AT CLOSE RANGE and by SEVERE PHYSICAL ABUSE“, but AVOIDED saying who was responsible for these attacks“. “severe physical abuse” =/is synonymous with TORTURE and “avoided saying who was responsible” surely helps gives the edge to THE ASSAD REGIME, as if they need any more help.

Finally, “Speaking to reporters in Damascus, Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said Syrian security forces were in their local bases Friday (May 25, 2012) when they were attacked by “hundreds of HEAVILY ARMED GUNMEN” firing mortars, heavy machine guns and anti-tank missiles, starting a nine-hour battle that killed three soldiers and wounded 16″. Again, “heavily armed gunmen” is the latest version of/spin on ARMED GROUPS, ARMED GANGS and TERRORISTS. “The soldiers fought back, BUT DIDN’T LEAVE THEIR BASES…” REALLY? NO Syrian tank or artillery entered this place where the massacres were committed. The security forces DID NOT leave their places because they were in a state of SELF-DEFENSE“. THIS IS A DISGRACEWe know BASHAR AL-ASSAD‘s forces shot first. “He blamed the gunmen for what he called a “TERRORIST massacre” in Houla and accused the media, Western officials and others of spinning a “TSUNAMI OF LIES” to justify foreign intervention in Syria”. Again, this is nothing other than PROPAGANDA. To Bashar al-Assad, EVERYTHING is the work of “terrorists”, “armed gangs” and “armed groups” and a huge “media” CONSPIRACY.

This will yield THE SAME resultTHE UNITED STATESARAB LEAGUE and BAN KI-MOON have already tried to stop the raging violence, so again, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that Kofi Annan will be able to achieve anything meaningful.


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