SYRIA: 92 Killed, 32 Of Them CHILDREN (Al-Jazeera)

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on May 26, 2012 is “UN confirms ‘massacre‘ of CHILDREN in Houla” (Web-site/URL: Of course“massacre” is VIOLENT/BRUTAL/GRUESOME/HORRIFYING.

“UN leads calls for URGENT WORLD action on Syria after confirming killing of 92 people, including 32 CHILDREN. We’ve been squabbling over Syria for such a long time now, so “urgent world attention” seems to be IMPOSSIBLE now.

“The UN mission said 92 BODIES, 32 of them CHILDREN aged less than 10, had been found in Houla after the artillery offensive on Friday (May 25, 2012)”. Again, “bodies”, especially in this context, is GRUESOME.

“UN leader Ban Ki-moon and UN-Arab League peace envoy Kofi Annan have condemned a massacre of more than 90 civilians (including 32 CHILDREN) in Syria as an “APPALLING and BRUTAL” breach of international law” obviously, but again, Ban and Annan are POWERLESS and HELPLESS to stop this.

“Major General Robert Mood, the (UN Observer) mission chief, earlier condemned the “BRUTAL tragedy” after monitors visited the area while residents buried the victims in mass graves”.

On Saturday (May 26, 2012), UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said: “Ban and AnnanCONDEMNS IN THE STRONGEST POSSIBLE TERMS the killing, confirmed by United Nations (UN) OBSERVERS, of dozens of men, WOMEN and CHILDREN” in Houla”Again“observers” only OBSERVE and CAN’T DO ANYTHING TO STOP THIS CIVIL WAR. “This APPALLING and BRUTAL crime, involving INDISCRIMINATE AND DISPROPORTIONATE USE OF FORCE, is A FLAGRANT VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW and of the commitments of the Syrian government to cease the use of heavy weapons in population centres and violence in all its forms“. “indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force” is another/the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: As far as cease the use of heavy weapons in population centres and violence in all its forms” is concerned, obviously this IS NOT happening. “Those responsible for perpetrating this crime MUST BE HELD TO ACCOUNT“. Again, obviously, this IS NOT happening.

“Mood said to reporters in Damascus” “Those using violence for their own agendas will create more INSTABILITY, more UNPREDICTABILITY and MAY (?) lead the country to civil war”. So, there ISN’T a “civil war” going on in Syria already? Also, we DON’T need any more “instability” or “unpredictability” – we’ve had enough of these to last A LIFETIME.

“The statements came as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) said IT COULD NO LONGER commit to the ceasefire brokered by Annan UNLESS there was an immediate solution to regime violence“. Again, of course, this is IMPOSSIBLE“regime violence” only seems to be INCREASING/INTENSIFYING. “(In) a statement (issued)…on Saturday (May 26 2012)”, the FSA said:We announce that UNLESS the UN Security Council takes urgent steps for the protection of civilians, Annan’s plan is going to GO TO HELL“. “go to hell” is THE MOST BLEAK comment/assessment we’ve seen/read/heard since the Syrian revolution to oust Bashar al-Assad started.

“according to a video posted on YouTube”, “In Kafr Nabel, in the northern province of Idlib, scores took to the streets to honour the dead, chanting: “We sacrifice our soul and life for you, oh people of Houla”. Idlib, of course, has been a hotbed of opposition/dissent against Assad, along with HAMA and HOMS.

“In a Damascus neighbourhood, WOMEN filmed hiding their faces were carrying papers that read: “The Syrian regime kills us UNDER (the) SUPERVISION OF the UN observers” and “BANISH the UN TOURISTS“. AMANDA KNOX said she would like to return to Italy “as a tourist” (Web-site/URL: If people from THE UN are acting like “tourists”, this is VERY BAD news.

Finally, “The latest violence came as the UN’s Ban on Friday (May 25, 2012) blamed the government for much of the “UNACCEPTABLE levels of violence and ABUSES” occurring every day in the 14-month-long crisis in Syria”. Only “the government” is capable of “abuses”. “In a report to the UN Security Council, Ban cited the government’s CONTINUED USE OF HEAVY WEAPONS, reports of SHELLING and “a STEPPED-UP SECURITY CRACKDOWN by the authorities that has led to MASSIVE VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS (obviously) by government forces and pro-government militias”“continued use of heavy weapons”, “shelling and a STEPPED-UP SECURITY CRACKDOWN” are the latest VIOLENT phrases. “Ban said there had only been “small progress” on implementing the six-point joint UN-Arab League plan brokered by Annan”. Of course, as we know, the security situation in Syria can only be described as AWFUL, so “small progress” WILL NOT be enough/sufficient.

Violence in Syria is clearly continuing. THE ARAB LEAGUE, BAN KI-MOON and KOFI ANNAN CAN DO NOTHING. The killing of 32 CHILDREN is especially disturbing and DISGRACEFUL. Let’s also note that this was THE MOST BRAZEN attack yetWOMEN and CHILDREN are consistently and persistently targetedChildren ARE INDEED vulnerable because they can’t/LACK THE ABILITY to defend/protect themselves. However, many WOMEN can protect themselves; they just DON’T WANT TO because of SOCIETAL EXPECTATIONS (e.g. in CHINA, HONG KONG, NORTH KOREA and TAIWAN)This is something/a perception that we MUST/HAVE TO change (i.e. the notion that it’s perfectly acceptable for women to be LAZY, DEMANDING and OVERBEARING)Women MUST contribute to make our society a complete one.


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