Al-Qaeda in YEMEN’s Resurgence: Al-Arabiya

The title of an Al-Arabiya article released on May 16, 2012 is “Al-QaedaFIGHTING TO THE DEATH in Yemen as army crackdown rages” (Web-site/URL: So AL-QAEDA is making a comeback? THIS IS SIGNIFICANT.

“The Yemeni army FULLY SUPPORTS the battle against al-Qaeda (?), the country’s INFORMATION minister said on Wednesday (May 16, 2012) as a spokesman for a committee set up against the insurgents said al-Qaeda “is fighting to THE DEATH”. “The Yemeni army fully supports the battle against Al-Qaeda?” REALLY? Also “information minister” in UNdemocratic countries is synonymous with a PROPAGANDA AGENT.

“Army troops, backed by local tribesmen, captured a strategic mountain that controls access to cities long held by al-Qaeda-linked militants on Wednesday (May 16, 2012). The heavy fighting has killed at least 24 people, including 16 suspected insurgents,…”

According to the minister, who was not named/identified, “The army is now advancing to rid the southern Abyan province of al-Qaeda”.

Finally,“Saeed al-Dhailie, a spokesman for a committee set up to mobilize residents against Ansar al-Sharia in Lawdar, said local fighters had managed to capture the Yasouf mountain, a strategic vantage point above the city, after heavy fighting”. “IT’S BLOODYobviously. “Al-Qaeda are FIGHTING TO THE DEATHagain obviously. “This morning (May 16, 2012)the army, assisted by armed tribesmen from Lawdar, succeeded in driving al-Qaeda militants off Yasouf mountain. Aerial and artillery attacks by the army started after the dawn prayer. Then we moved up the mountain, official forces and tribesmen side by side. By 11am, we had driven al-Qaeda away and recaptured the mountain“.

So, we have our latest report or more accurately, claim of AL-QAEDA , the favorite phrase of ex-LIBYAN dictator MUAMMAR GADHAFI or as SYRIAN strongman BASHAR AL-ASSAD would say, ARMED GANGS/ARMED GROUPS/TERRORISTS.


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