EUROPE COULD Influence/Be Pivotal to US Elections: Reuters

The title of a Reuters article released on May 17, 2012 is “Insight: SWING STATES: Could EUROPE decide the U.S. election?” (Web-site/URL:

According to Jeff Sponseller, “the company’s (Miller Weldmaster Corp’s)  vice president of sales and marketing”, “We’ve taken A SIGH OF RELIEF – we’ve been OVER the (economic/financial) crunch“, which is something we CAN’T say about many firms. “The chance that this could happen again brings a lot of ANXIETY“, which, again, is something that we DON’T need any more of.

“On condition of anonymity, a senior EU official told Reuters it felt as if the Obama administration WANTED the G8 to cooperate IN THE RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN“. So there are POLITICAL motives hereANY SURPRISE? “They see the debt crisis as THE BIGGEST likely drag on the U.S. economy between now and November (2012)and so they basically want to make sure that we find a way of MUDDLING THROUGH“. “drag” is the latest word with NEGATIVE connotations.

According to Under Secretary to the Treasury for International Affairs Lael Brainard, We’ve been HEAVILY and STEADILY engaged with them (the Europeans) from the outset. IT’S TOO IMPORTANT FOR OUR EXPORTERS AND OUR WORKERS NOT TO BE“. We can only “engage” if BOTH parties are willing to “engage”.

According to one well-placed European diplomat” on condition of anonymity, “In terms of the conversations, I THINK THEY WERE EFFECTIVE“. This is what all POLITICIANS will say. “But everyone was already aware of the need to address these issues. They were PUSHING AT AN OPEN DOOR” that WASN’T open.

According to Philip J. Crowley, “a former State Department spokesman under the Obama administration”, “On the timing of (new FRENCH President FRANCOIS) Hollande’s visit to Washington, “obviously, there is an element of CONVENIENCE here” of courseEVERYONE seeks/is looking for “convenience”If the benefit to someone is/was ZEROthey surely WOULDN’T WILLINGLY take on a certain taskThey would do it GRUDGINGLYor if they can avoid it, NOT AT ALL. “But there is also a sense of URGENCY obviously. “European decisions COULD POTENTIALLY INTRUDE on the U.S. election”.This is almost A GUARANTEE. We are all INTERCONNECTED no matter how much certain people try to isolate themselves or impose their isolationist mentalities on others (and these people know who they are).

According to Tyson Barker, “a Europe specialist and fellow at the Truman National Security Project who says he talks to (Obama) administration officials most days”, “We have much less influence over Germany, where policy is driven by DOMESTIC politics. In Greece, which itself MIGHT BE ON THE EDGE OF POLITICAL COLLAPSE, I’d say we have NO INFLUENCE AT ALL.

“Republicans have tried to revoke $100 billion in previously authorized IMF emergency funding. Although the measure was defeated in the Democratic-controlled Senate, party leaders could still GENERATE AWKWARD HEADLINES for Obama by PUSHING IT  in the House of Representatives”“generate awkward headlines for Obama” IS EXACTLY WHAT REPUBLICANS ARE TRYING TO DOAfter allthey are trying to get MITT ROMNEY, the presumptive GOP nominee, to unseat ObamaAlso, “pushing it” is another/the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL:

According to Republican Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Washington State), “who is leading that effort”, WE HAVEN’T seen a willingness by the European Union (EU) countries TO CHANGE THEIR ADDICTION TO SPENDING AND BORROWING“. McMorris Rodgers is clearly trying to FORCE GOP IDEOLOGY ON THE EUROPEANS. “IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE to be funneling billions of dollars to bail out GREECE (?), Portugal, Ireland and other WEALTHY (?) European countries“. GREECE is “wealthy?” Also POLITICIANS do many things that “(DON’T) make (ANY) sense”.

According to Kristen Silverberg, “a former ambassador to the EU who advises the Romney campaign on European policy”, “We think the Obama administration HAS LIMITED CREDIBILITY in Europe because they SO BADLY MISMANAGED our economy here“. OK CAN ROMNEY DO ANY BETTER? How much does ROMNEY know about Europe? Hopefully more than SARAH PALIN.

According to Laura D’Andrea Tyson, “a former economic adviser to President Bill Clinton who also served on Obama’s jobs council”, “When President Obama says, ‘Look, we STABILIZED THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM, we PUT IN STIMULUS and THE ECONOMY WALKED BACK FROM THE BRINK OF COLLAPSE‘ … it’s very hard to do the counterfactual. But now, Europe is the counterfactual“.

According to Paul Krugman, “the Nobel Prize-winning economist who wants further BIG stimulus spending in the United States”, “Most voters AREN’T thinking about any of thisVoters have CHILDREN, they have LIVES, they have JOBS. They’re NOT interested in this stuff except insofar as they want to know IF the economy’s getting better“. “if” is the latest word signifying UNCERTAINTY. WE SIMPLY DON’T “know IF the economy is getting better” or not.

Sponseller went on: “When things get slow, the first thing that goes off people’s list is capital equipmentThe POLITICAL fallout from such a downturn, as John McCain discovered in Indiana four years ago (2008), can make ALL the difference.

Finally, according to David Cohen, a political science professor at Ohio’s University of Akron”, “In GOOD times, incumbents are REWARDED. In BAD economic times, incumbents are PUNISHED“.

In short, the answer to the question is definitely YES. We certainly CAN’T have someone like SARAH PALIN, who has NO/ZERO foreign policy knowledge and couldn’t distinguish now former French President NICOLAS SARKOZY from a clever imposter in public service (Web-site/URL: THAT’S A JOKE.


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