The title of an MSNBC article released on May 9, 2012 is “North Carolina APPROVES ban on same-sex marriage by (a) wide margin” (Web-site/URL:

According to Brian Brown, “president of the National Organization for Marriage”, “Our position that marriage is (ONLY) between a MAN and a WOMAN is GAINING support, NOT losing supportEarlier this week (May 6-13, 2012), the Gallup poll showed that support for SAME-SEX marriage is DOWN (while) Actual vote percentages in favor of TRADITIONAL marriage are RISING. Surely, this is something that Brown wants to emphasize.In 2008, in California, the Prop 8 constitutional amendment on TRADITIONAL marriage passed with 52 percent of the vote. Then, in 2009, in Maine, 53 percent of voters stood for TRADITIONAL marriage and REJECTED same-sex marriage legislation In 2010, 56 percent of Iowa voters REJECTED three Supreme Court judges who had IMPOSED gay marriage in that state“. “rejected” signifies STRONG disagreement and “impose” is another/the latest example of the “force and pain” technique (Web-site/URL:”And now more than 60 percent of North Carolina voters have passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one womanWe can explain these attitudes by making the simple assumption that DEMOCRATS are IN FAVOR OF gay marriage or ARE OK WITH IT while Republicans ADAMANTLY OPPOSE IT. CALIFORNIA has 33 Democrats and 20 Republicans among its 53 Representatives, both of MAINE‘s Representatives are DEMOCRATS and IOWA has 3 DEMOCRATS and 2 REPUBLICANS among its 5 US Representatives. There is a clear trend line and it is moving in OUR direction”. Assuming that DEMOCRATS SUPPORT gay marriage, THIS IS CONFUSING.

“On the other side, some gay and lesbian rights advocates portrayed the North Carolina outcome as a case of voters being UNINFORMED or DECEIVED“. “uninformed” should be THE VOTERS’ fault (equivalent to someone NOT READING SOMETHING CAREFULLY ENOUGH) while “deceived” is the POLITICIANS’ fault.

“The gay and lesbian advocacy group Faith in America said that voters were duped (i.e. tricked) into believing (that) their religious belief justified bringing harm to the state’s gay and lesbian individuals, especially youth and their families. “We acknowledge the right of voters to decide issues, but we DO NOT believe such an expression of bigotry (i.e. INTOLERANCE) should have been put to a vote by individuals who were banking on a win because of the populace’s misunderstanding about sexual orientation….” “bigotry” is the latest example of “We think they made us mad; they think we made them mad and here we go” (Web-site/URL:

“Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry, called the North Carolina outcome “what happens when a preemptive ballot-measure is STAMPEDED THROUGH before people have had enough time to take in real conversations about who gay families are and why marriage matters to them.” “stampeded through” is the latest example of “We think they made us mad; they think we made them mad and here we go” (Web-site/URL: because THE MAJORITY always does this to the minority. “freedom to marry” implies that people should have the “

“For his part, President Obama, according to his North Carolina campaign spokesman (Cameron French), was “disappointed” by the result”. “The President has LONG OPPOSED DIVISIVE  and DISCRIMINATORY efforts to deny rights and benefits to same sex couples. He believes (that) the North Carolina measure SINGLES OUT and DISCRIMINATES AGAINST committed gay and lesbian couples, which is why he DID NOT support itand NOT because of POLITICAL REASONS? Let’s also note that “singles out” is troubling, because there are BILLIONS of people so IT’S INEXPLICABLE why people would target one group.

“The amendment says: “Marriage between one MAN and one WOMAN is THE ONLY domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State. “the only” certainly DOESN’T leave much room for debate or discussion.

Finally, according to Paul Guequierre, “a spokesperson for the Coalition to Protect ALL North Carolina Families, the main group rallying opposition to the amendment, on Monday (May 7, 2012)”, “This IS NOT a conversation about a POSSIBLE change of law down the road”. This could refer to MANY things.

This is just the latest chapter in the highly contentious and emotional debate. Adding another twist to this saga is the fact that MSNBC has been criticized for its LIBERAL bias (Web-site/URL: which makes this issue A LOT MORE COMPLICATED/COMPLICATES THIS ISSUE FURTHER.


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