The title of a Fox News article released on arch 9, 2012 is “North Carolina APPROVES amendment banning gay marriage” (Web-site/URL:

“Obama has said his view is “evolving“, mostly for POLITICAL REASONS obviously. After the North Carolina vote, Obama campaign spokesman Cameron French said in a Tuesday  statement that the ban on same-sex unions is “DIVISIVE and DISCRIMINATORY“. “The campaign said Obama was “DISAPPOINTED” in the vote”, again, obviously for POLITICAL reasons.

“But supporters of the amendment heralded the outcome. State GOP Chairman Robin Hayes called the vote a “defining day for TRADITIONAL VALUES in North Carolina and I’m proud to have voted for PROTECTING (the sanctity of) marriage“. Republicans are all about “traditional values”/MAINTAINING “tradition(s)”.

The amendment was UNNCESSARY, said Sam Stone, 70, of Raleigh, who voted AGAINST it, along with his wife, Virginia, 66″. “Doing this amendment makes it seem more MEAN-SPIRITED“, as if we DON’T have enough of that already.
“Shane Colwell, who’s studying at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, said the amendment clarified the definition of marriage”. “I’m a born-again Christian and I just believe the Bible is clear that marriage is (only) for one MAN and one WOMANIt DOESN’T mean that anybody’s less equal than anybody else. I just think that marriage is one MAN  and one WOMAN“. “It DOESN’T mean that anybody’s less equal than anybody else” except when we’re talking about MARRIAGE.

Finally, according to Tami Fitzgerald, “head of the PRO-amendment group, Vote FOR Marriage NC (we know where the emphasis is here)”, “I think we’ve built a HUGE coalition across North Carolina of people who believe godly values. And I believe that speaks well for people in our state who have somewhat been A SILENT MAJORITY in the past and I think you can expect them to be very active in the future, especially when they see the impact of their GRASSROOTS efforts“. Both Democrats and Republicans are trying to woo “their grassroots” supporters, otherwise known as their BASE.

THIS IS INTERESTING, because North Carolina has 7 Democrats and 6 Republicans among its 13 members in the US House of Representatives, implying that most of the DEMOCRATIC representatives must be CONSERVATIVE Democrats who vote like REPUBLICANS. Let’s also note, again, that Fox News is GOP-leaning/CONSERVATIVE.

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