An Emerging UK Underage Sex Scandal: Al-Jazeera

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on May 10, 2012 is MEN jailed over UK underage sex ring; Nine men in the north of England sentenced for grooming girls as young as 13 for sex using alcohol and drugs” (Web-site/URL:

“Judge Gerald Clifton on Wednesday (May 9, 2012) said the men, all of PAKISTANI or AFGHAN origin and ranging from age 22 to 59, had treated their victims as “WORTHLESS“, and sentenced them for crimes including (human) trafficking and rape“. “pakistani or Afghan”OK THIS IS SIGNIFICANTbecause in these conservative Muslim countriesmen have the right to do horrific things to women such as THROW ACID ON women who refuse to obey them, essentially considering them “worthless”, which is A DISGRACE.

“The case has stirred racial tensions and sparked claims that UK authorities ARE FAILING TO PROTECT CHILDREN IN STATE CARE“. Sadly/Unfortunately, there are still “racial tensions” nowin the 21st century and “state care” should be A SAFE HAVEN for children who are neglected or abused at home.

“The 59-year-old ringleader of the group received 19 years in jail, while (the) others received between four and 12 years”.

“the judge told the nine men” All of you treated [the victims] as though they were WORTHLESS and BEYOND ANY RESPECTOne of the factors leading to that was the fact that they WERE NOT PART OF YOUR RELIGION“. This is blatant prejudiceWE SHOULDN’T ATTACK PEOPLE SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY’RE DIFFERENT.

Finally, “Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of (the) Ramadhan foundation, a leading Muslim organisation in the UK, said there has been an “ABJECT FAILURE” in the country’s system to protect the YOUNG GIRLS“, who are particularly vulnerable. “abject failure” is clearly A DAMNING CRITICISMAlso notice once again that “young girls” are depicted as/to be VULNERABLEAt least this is the INTENDED PERCEPTION. “THERE ARE SERIOUS QUESTIONS about the Greater Manchester Police and the prosecution service”. We can say this about many (or perhaps MOST?) POLITICIANS these days. When was the last any POLITICIAN lived up to the hype surrounding them?THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AGAIN“. THIS IS MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE. “Greater Manchester Police MUST BE VERY HONEST about dealing with this issue. THERE SHOULD BE NO SENSITIVITY WHATSOEVER WHEN DEALING WITH RACE. I say this as a British Pakistani who ABHORS what has happened“. We need to be very clear in distinguishing BRITISH “Pakistani” from traditional Pakistanis because traditional Pakistani men find it perfectly acceptable to do horrific things to women, such as THROW ACID IN THEIR FACES when women don’t obey them which is SICKENING.  “THERE SHOULD BE NO SAFE HAVEN in our community for these people” obviously.

This is exactly why we SHOULDN’T say things like “Men MUST BE married or in a relationship by the age of 25″ and “Women MUST BE married or in a relationship by the age of 22″. THIS IS THE PERFECT SETUP FOR ABUSE, because, in these societies (e.g. in CHINA), women who ARE NOT married or in a relationship by the age of 22 often appear DESPERATEWomen in THE PHILIPPINES are also easy targets for abuse, but in a different way. The problem in the Philippines is often THE AGE GAP between the man and the womanFor examplea 23-year-old woman might look for a 35-year-old man (Web-site/URL: They will clearly NOT be on the same page. In addition, women in both Chinese and Filipino societies obsess over how much MONEY a potential partner earns which is why many Filipino women look for men in their 40s. That clearly is an INFEASIBLE and even IMPOSSIBLE combination, because in these kinds of relationships, the rich man may well say: Hey I’M THE BREADWINNER so I should have ALL the power/I SHOULD RUN THE SHOWAgain, the world DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT revolve around one personSimilarly/using the same logic/thought processintimate relationships SHOULD NOT revolve around money or power, but rather EMOTIONAL CLOSENESS/CONNECTION. Life is pointless without DIGNITY. This is exactly what has happened to the young women in this article


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