ROMNEY STILL DOESN’T Have Unanimous Support From GOP: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “GOP leaders START TO rally around Romney _ SORT OF(Web-site/URL: Expressions of UNCERTAINTY: “start to” and “sort of”.

According to Peggy Lambert, “a member of the Republican National Committee from Tennessee who endorsed Romney last week”, “Romney is THE PROJECTED candidate“. “projections” are often inaccurate. “LET’S GO AHEAD AND GET THIS OVER WITH“. NOT everyone will oblige to thisIs this A RALLYING CRY or perhaps even A PLEA FOR ATTENTION?Let’s get as many delegates as we can“. How many more delegates Romney actually gets will depend on how many of SANTORUM‘s or GINGRICH‘s delegates are willing to switch allegiances, IF any of them are willing to do this, that isAgain, THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE.

According to Jonathan Barnett, “an RNC member from Arkansas who serves in the state Legislature”, “I think THE PROCESS HAS NARROWED DOWN (yes) and we’ve got a chance to hear ALL the candidates and ALL THE DEBATE (?)” POLITICIANS can stop “debating” and attacking each other? WHAT? Really, he’s (Romney is) pretty much THE ONLY ONE LEFT STANDING. IT’S TIME TO GET ON BOARD“. Well, IT’S NOT as if GOP supporters have any other choice. THERE ARE NO OTHER CANDIDATES. Santorum and Gingrich have dropped out. It’s either ROMNEY or OBAMA now.

According to Alabama GOP chairman Bill Armistead, “The No. 1 objective of the people I talk to is to DEFEAT BARACK OBAMAThis has become the GOP rallying cry.

…”Richard Giessel, a Santorum delegate in Alaska, wasn’t shy about his disdain for Romney, calling him “a BIG GOVERNMENT guy. We’ve got too big a government NOWThe GOP has been complaining about “big government” ever since the HEALTHCARE REFORM legislation was passed back on March 23, 2010. Giessel “said he now plans to support Ron Paul”. This is a SARAH PALIN-like stalling tactic. SANTORUM and GINGRICH, the second and third-place candidates have no shot so of course, RON PAUL HAS NO SHOT EITHER.

Finally, “Drew Johnson, a Gingrich delegate from South Carolina, said he thinks the state’s delegates will unite behind Romney. South Carolina, A SOLIDLY Republican state, was one of only two states Gingrich won in the primaries”. “Romney has my endorsement and HE CAN COUNT ON (?) South Carolina to be one of his biggest cheering sections at the national convention“. WHO can we “count on” these daysMy focus is crystal clear for the upcoming election. We will be making calls to any state it is needed and even send South Carolina activists to real swing states to DEFEAT OBAMA again.

Well, the GOP’s unifying theme is obviously to DEFEAT OBAMA (this point has been reinforced throughout this and many other commentaries), but the funny thing is/ironically, THE GOP ITSELF STILL ISN’T UNITEDAgainthe more divided the GOP is, the more this helps/benefits PRESIDENT OBAMA.


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