CHEN GUANGCHENG (Yahoo!): Chapter 2

The title of a Yahoo! article released on May 3, 2012 is “Chen Guangcheng Phones Congress, REQUESTS Face-to-Face ‘ Meeting with Clinton” (Web-site/URL:–abc-news-politics.html). “requests”? WHO IS HE? This could be INTERPRETED as another example of someone being “Superior” , which, again, is a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL: and is also typical of people in UNdemocratic countries.

“Chen Guangcheng told Congress today (May 3, 2012 that he wants to meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton face-to-face and he requested to have his “freedom of travel GUARANTEED” as he looks to leave China with his family and come to the United States”NOTHING is “guaranteed” these days.

Speaking “over speakerphone as a translator conveyed his words in English”, Chen said: “I WANT to meet with Secretary Clinton”. . “I want”? WHO IS HE? This could be INTERPRETED as another example of someone being “Superior” , which, again, is a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL: “I HOPE I can get more help from her. I also want to thank her face to face“. This is more reasonable. We need to be GRATEFUL to those people who have helped us/touched our lives.

According to Rep. Chris Smith, “the chairman of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China”, “IT WAS A GREAT RELIEF that I and millions around the world learned of his escape and his reaching safety at the American Embassy in Beijing on Friday morning (April 27, 2012)Yet it is WITH EQUALLY GREAT URGENCY that I convene this hearing of the China Commission today (May 3, 2012)”. “Chen has, since leaving the American Embassy in Beijing, expressed an earnest desire to gain asylum for himself and for his family. QUESTIONS INDEED ARISE as to whether or not Chen was pressured to leave the U.S. compound”. Again, “whether or not Chen was pressured to leave the compound” is open to INTERPRETATION and “pressured” could be another example of the “force and pain” technique (Web-site/URL:

“Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., said that Chen’s case “IS NOT an anomaly (i.e. abnormality)”, but “symptomatic of PERVASIVE HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES committed by the Chinese government” against its own citizens”. This is accurate“pervasive human rights abuses” have been a chronic problem in China for decades and perhaps even centuries. “IT IS HARD TO COMPREHEND why the administration would accept at face value assurances that Chen would be safe upon exiting U.S. protectionYou wonder if there were OTHER FORCES at work?” What are these “other forces?” Had word come down from up high to resolve the Chen situation, NO MATTER WHAT, prior to the arrivals of secretaries [Hillary] Clinton and [Tim] Geithner, who were headed to Beijing this week for high-level economic and FOREIGN POLICY talks?” Of coursenow with the Chen situation, “foreign policy” issues will dominate and overshadow any “economic” issues.  “Was there even a hint of COERCIONWas there any COERCION, SUBTLE COERCION, FORCED COERCION or PRESSURE involved?” “coercion”“subtle coercion”, “forced coercion” and “pressure” are the latest examples of the “force and pain” technique (Web-site/URL:  “What were the internal State Department and White House deliberations?” So this issue about Chen Guangcheng has now turned into the latest chapter of the seemingly never-ending battle between REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS (with the party in control of the House going first).

Finally, Smith finished off: “There are many questions and there are even more concernsobviously.  “How will the United States-China agreement on Chen and HIS FAMILY’S SAFETY be enforcedWhat happens if Chen or any member of his family SUFFERS RETALIATION?” THIS IS A VERY REAL POSSIBILITYagaingiven the fact that China is an UNdemocratic country. “THE EYES OF THE WORLD ARE WATCHING to see that his wishes are honored by the Chinese government”. We’re saying the same thing about SYRIA, BUT BASHAR AL-ASSAD’S KILLING FEST RAGES ON UNABATED. In other words, OUR HANDS ARE TIED in both these cases.

THERE WILL BE NO QUICK RESOLUTION to the Chen Guangcheng issue. This will be a LONG, DRAWN-OUT process.


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