Chen Guangchen: Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on May 3, 2012 is “Deal UNDONE? Activist now wants to leave China” (Web-site/URL:

A cloud hung over annual talks between the United States and China on Thursday (May 3, 2012) as a blind Chinese dissident who took refuge in the U.S. Embassy (in Beijing) appealed to Washington for more help, saying from his hospital room in Beijing that he now fears for his family’s safety unless they are all spirited abroad”. “a cloud hung” over US-China relations. TYPICAL.

“China already DEMANDED an apology from the U.S. even before Chen Guangcheng balked at a deal in which he would remain in his homeland”. Of course, again, “demanded” is a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL: and is typical of UNdemocratic countries.

“Chen told the AP I think we’d like to REST in a place outside of China”. “rest” clearly indicates that Chen is TIRED, physically and psychologically. “Help my family and me leave safely“. SAFETY is clearly a priority.

“(Secretary of State Hillary Rodham) Clinton spoke to Chen on the phone when he left the embassy and, in a statement, welcomed the resettlement agreement as one that “reflected HIS CHOICES and OUR VALUES“. UnfortunatelyChina is a COMMUNIST country where the government is only concerned with/about THEIR “choices” and THEIR “values”.

“late Wednesday (May 2, 2012) in a statement that was a response to comments from Clinton praising the deal on Chen”, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said: “What the U.S. side should do now is neither to continue MISLEADING THE PUBLIC and MAKING EVERY EXCUSE TO SHIFT RESPONSIBILITY  and CONCEAL ITS WRONGDOING, nor to interfere in THE DOMESTIC AFFAIRS of China”Whenever an undemocratic country does something (i.e. something which is A CLEAR VIOLATION OF human rights), IT’S ALWAYS their “domestic” or INTERNAL affairs.

“In Washington, State Department spokesman Mark Toner disputed Chen’s claim that he was left alone by the Americans at the hospital”. “THERE WERE  U.S. officials in the buildingI believe some of his medical team was in fact with him at the hospital“. THIS IS INDEED DICEY and another case of “He said she said”.

“Republican Rep. Christopher Smith of New Jersey, said it appeared the resettlement agreement “seems to have been done UNDER SIGNIFICANT DURESSobviously. “If ever there was a test of the U.S. commitment to human rights, it should have been at that moment, potentially sending him back to A VERY REAL THREAT“. “a very real threat” suggests that Republicans still think they have an advantage over Democrats when it comes to NATIONAL SECURITY.

According to State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, “AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY, he expressed his desire to STAY IN China, reunify with his family, continue his education and WORK FOR REFORM IN HIS COUNTRYTHIS IS INDEED A TOUGH DECISIONThe phrase that should jump right off the page at us is “work for REFORM in his country”. Do COMMUNIST countries believe in “reform?” All our DIPLOMACY was directed at putting him in the best possible position to achieve his objectives“. THERE IS NO “diplomacy” in countries with dictators or UNdemocratic governmentsespecially in countries such as SYRIA, NORTH KOREA and CHINA,

“Jerome Cohen, a New York University law professor who is advising Chen at THE STATE DEPARTMENT‘s request, said THERE WAS NEVER ANY explicit discussion of a threat against Chen’s wife”.THERE WAS NO indication in four or five hours of talks that he knew of any threat to her life“. This is a strike AGAINST Chen because “Help my family and me leave safely” sounds like his family WAS threatened.

 “U.S. officials said the deal called for Chen to settle outside his home province of Shandong and have several university options to choose from. They also said the Chinese government had promised to treat Chenlike ANY OTHER student in China” and to investigate allegations of abuse against him and his family by local authorities”. THIS WILL BE TOUGH in a country full of SPECIAL INTERESTSsuch as the case of GAO WEI and CUI XILING. When they got admitted into CUHK, Cui Xiling was Gao Wei’s “FUTURE wife” (Web-site/URL: and CUI XILING got her Ph.D. despite publishing only THREE articles and NONE during the course of her Ph.D. and NONE recently (Web-site/URL: All other PhD students/candidates need AN EXTENSIVE publication record, like what JASON CHOI of HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY (PolyU) has (Web-site/URL:

Finally, “Clinton said (that) the U.S. would MONITOR China’s assurances”. “Making these commitments a reality is the next crucial task“. “the US would monitor China’s assurances?” When was the last time any POLITICIAN kept ALL their promises? Notice “monitor”. This is what the UN said would happen in SYRIABUT THIS HAS FAILED TO STOP BASHAR AL-ASSAD‘s KILLING FEST so a similar outcome can be expected in Chinaanother UNdemocratic country.

To conclude, let’s go back to the first phrase in the title: “Deal UNDONE?” These “deals” are POLITICAL “deals”/POLITICAL in nature. Surely, POLITICAL “deals” are secondary when compared to HUMAN RIGHTS/DIGNITY, which, again, unfortunately, IS NOT a consideration in UNdemocratic countries. So, this puts China’s human rights record back under the spotlight/microscope.


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