FRENCH Elections: HOLLANDE vs SARKOZY (Reuters)

The title of a Reuters article released on April 22, 2012 is “Hollande edges Sarkozy in French vote, Le Pen SURGES(Web-site/URL: “edges” IS NOT as dramatic as “surges”.

FAR-rightist Marine Le Pen threw France’s presidential race wide open on Sunday (April 22, 2012) by polling nearly 19 percent in the first round – votes that may tip a runoff between Socialist favorite Francois Hollande and conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy“. FAR-right” should remind us of HITLERMUSSOLINI or THE TEA PARTY (2 people and a political party) and of course, TOO “conservative” ISN’T good eitherPeople who are TOO “conservative” include GAO WEI and CUI XILINGarchitect of “Future Wife” GATE (Web-site/URL: and KATE HE (who had a baby PURELY on parental orders). Oh and GAO WEI and CUI XILING had TWO babies in 18 months again purely on PARENTAL ORDERS/NAGGING. That’s why GAO WEI took SIX years to finish his PhD (most people take THREE-FIVE) and why CUI XILING only has THREE TOTAL publications (Web-site/URL: THREE publications in TEN years is really A DISGRACE.

“Hollande led Sarkozy by 28.2 percent to 27.0 percent with more than four fifths of votes counted, the Interior Ministry said, meaning the two will meet head-to-head in a decider on May 6 (2012) that may be closer than pundits had been expected“. Well, “pundits” can be wrong too“pundits” ARE NOT infallible.

“Le Pen’s RECORD score of 18.6 percent was THE SENSATION OF THE NIGHT, beating her father’s 2002 result and outpolling HARD LEFTIST Jean-Luc Melenchon in fourth place on 10.9 percent. Centrist Francois Bayrou finished fifth on 9.2 percent”. “record” suggests that this was an outcome NO ONE was expecting/could have expected/anticipated. “centrists” or MODERATES are on the outside looking in, continuing a pattern from the 2010 mid-term Congressional elections.

“Hollande, 57, told cheering supporters he was best placed to lead France towards CHANGE…” “change” sounds like BARACK OBAMA vs GEORGE W BUSH and JOHN MCCAIN in 2008 and “he was best placed” is the latest expression of a POLITICIAN‘s ARROGANCEa fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People (Web-site/URL: “My FINAL duty and I know I’m being watched from BEYOND OUR BORDERS, is to put Europe back on the path of GROWTH and EMPLOYMENT“. Let’s face it, “growth and employment” in the Eurozone REMAINS ANEMIC/WEAK. Also does “I’m being watched from beyond our borders” suggest that Hollande is concerned with/about TERRORISM?

According to Stephane Rozes of the CAP think-tank, “Sarkozy is going to be torn between campaigning in the middle ground and campaigning on the right. HE’LL HAVE TO reach out to the right between the rounds and so he’ll lose the centre”. THIS IS A CONSTANT JUGGLING ACT. After allWE CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE.

“Le Pen, who took over the ANTI-IMMIGRATION National Front in 2011, wants jobs reserved for French nationals at a time when jobless claims are at a 12-year high. She also wants France to abandon the euro currency and restore monetary policy to Paris”“anti-immigration” sounds like JAN BREWER and JOHN MCCAINWOW. “she told cheering supporters at her campaign headquarters, without endorsing either finalist and slamming Sarkozy“, “This first round is the start of a vast gathering of RIGHT-WING PATRIOTS Nothing will ever be the same again“. This sounds like something RAND PAUL would have said.

“Sarkozy’s closest supporters insisted he still had A FIGHTING CHANCE now that the president is facing a single challenger instead of nine in the first roundNOT NECESSARILYIn THE SECOND round, Sarkozy is facing HIS BEST opponent as the weaker ones surely would have been eliminated. Also, “a fighting chance” ISN’T exactly a full/strong endorsement.

According to Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, “NOTHING IS IN THE BAG YET” obviously. Is this an expression of DOUBT?

“Melenchon, whose CLENCH-FISTED call for an ANTI-CAPITALIST revolution made him the most colorful figure on the campaign trail, appealed to left-wing voters to make sure Sarkozy is ousted in two weeks’ time by voting for Hollande“. “clench-fisted” and “anti-capitalist” are both extremely problematic because “clench-fisted” is the latest example of the “force and pain technique” (Web-site/URL: and “anti-capitalist” =”anti” INNOVATION, because in socialist countriespublic servants get paid MORE than people in PROFIT-MAKING industries which is a farce because PUBLIC SERVANTS are supposed to SERVE THEIR PEOPLE instead of MAKING MONEYAlso the fact that Melenchen is “colorful” SHOULDN’T be the decisive factor because if we only wanted “colorful”, ROSS PEROT would’ve been US President in 1992 and SARAH PALIN in 2008. “I call on you to come out on May 6 (2012) and beat Sarkozy WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANYTHING IN EXCHANGE“. When was the last time anyone was willing to do that?I urge you: DON’T DRAG YOUR HEELS (?), mobilize as though it were ME you were sending to victory in the presidential election”. “don’t drag your heels” or FEET? When was the last time any POLITICIAN did that? NEVER.

Finally, according to Jean-Noel Harvet, “a PUBLIC SECTOR worker voting earlier on Sunday (April 22, 2012) in the northern town of Cambrai”, “France needs a RADICAL change of direction, mainly on THE ECONOMY“.

So, if all these indications are correct, Nicolas Sarkozy is on his way OUT.


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