CIA Prostitution Scandal Fallout Continues: 3 More Employees Resign (CNN)

The title of a recently released CNN article is “3 more Secret Service employees resign in wake of prostitution scandal” (Web-site/URL:

“Three more Secret Service employees have “CHOSEN TO (?) resign” in the wake of a prostitution scandal that emerged last week, the agency said in a news release Friday (April 20, 2012)”.

“Six Secret Service members now have left their jobs in the wake of the incident in Cartagena, Colombia, which came while they were on a security detail in advance of President Barack Obama’s trip there for the Summit of the Americas”.

“The agency also announced Friday (April 20, 2012)  that a 12th Secret Service “employee has been IMPLICATED,” having previously said 11 were under investigation“. “implicated”, of course, is more significant than “under investigation”, although IT’S UNCLEAR if this means anything for POLITICIANS.

“One employeehas been cleared of serious misconduct, but will face ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION“. Again, we have to wonder: DOES “administrative action” MEAN ANYTHING?

“Five employees are on ADMINISTRATIVE leave and have had their security clearances TEMPORARILY revoked“. These “employees” should be placed “on” DISCIPLINARY “leave” and “have…their security clearances” PERMANENTLY “removed”.

“In addition, the U.S. military is investigating 11 of its own troops for possible HEAVY DRINKING and CONSORTING WITH PROSTITUTES“. Well, that explains a lot doesn’t it? When people drink, they DON’T act rationally.

“A source close to the investigation said Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan — who briefed Obama on the investigation Friday (April 20, 2012), according to White House officials — has ordered a “COMPREHENSIVE” investigation of everything that happened during the trip”. How “comprehensive” will this actually be?

“The controversy has EMBARRASSED the nearly 150-year-old agency that protects the president and other top officials and investigates criminal activity. It also raised questions about a possible security breach immediately preceding Obama’s visit, though House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Peter King has said that “FROM EVERYTHING WE KNOW, NOTHING was compromised“. Well, there may well be things “we” DON’T “know”.

“Two of the Secret Service employees whose departures were previously announced — identified as David Chaney and Greg Stokes, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN national security contributor Fran Townsend — were SUPERVISORS“, people whom others SHOULD BE able to trust.

“In a photo posted on his public Facebook page in January, 2009, Chaney is seen standing behind SARAH PALIN, wearing dark glasses and what appears be A WEDDING RING. Under the photo, Chaney posted a comment that said, “I was REALLY CHECKING HER OUT, if you know what I mean?” Chaney has REALLY bad tasteSarah Palin DOES NOT look that good and on top of that, she has NO credibility. That’s a VERY BAD combination and suggests that David Chaney HAS POOR TASTE. Why would anyone “check” SARAH PALIN “out?”

Palin promptly responded on Fox News: “This agent who was kind of RIDICULOUS there in posting pictures and comments about CHECKING SOMEONE OUTCheck this out, bodyguard. You’re fired! And I hope his wife sends him to the doghouse“. This is THE EXPECTED reaction from someone who has no future in politics.

According to attorney Lawrence Berger, “The concern I have is about ILLEGAL LEAKS coming from apparently rogue elements within the Secret Service of PRIVACY PROTECTED information. It is DISTORTING the review of what happened.”  When people are GUILTYthey will surely claim that there have been “illegal leaks”“privacy” violations, “the review” and other information being “distorted and all sorts of other EXCUSESThis is the latest example of a “Difficult Person” being DEFENSIVE (Web-site/URL:

“Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe told CNN on Thursday (April 19, 2012) that the incident was due entirely to “a LACK OF ETHICS (on the part of) the Secret Service of the United States“. In other words, the US Secret Service DOESN’T KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG or deliberately chooses to do what is WRONG, of courseare SERIOUS PROBLEMS.

“Members of the U.S. Congress offered similarly biting remarks. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the allegations “disgusting“, while Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid described the agents’ alleged actions as “either REALLY STUPID or A TOTAL LACK OF COMMON SENSE“. Interestingly enough, “common sense” is in EXTREMELY short supply these days.

Finally, “While soliciting prostitution is in most cases legal for adults in Colombia, military law bars service members from patronizing prostitutes, engaging in conduct unbecoming an officer or, for enlisted personnel, conduct “prejudicial to good order and discipline.” It is also considered a breach of the Secret Service’s CONDUCT CODE, government sources said”.

Again, this reinforces the fact that certain people think that because they work for a secret AGENCY, THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE, which, again, is DEEPLY troubling.


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