NORTH KOREAN “Final Victory”: Al-Jazeera

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on April 15, 2012 is “North Korean leader (Kim Jong-Un) calls for FINAL victory‘” (Web-site/URL: FINAL victory” is SCARY for the rest of us.

“North Korea’s new leader has delivered his first major public speech on the occasion of the centenary of its founder’s birth, calling for a push to FINAL victory” at a mass military parade in the country’s capital (Pyongyang)”.

“In a move that indicated Kim would stick to the “militaryfirst” policies that have put North Korea on the verge of nuclear weapons capacity, he lauded his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, and his father,  Kim Jong-il, as the “founder and the builder of our REVOLUTIONARY (?) armed forces“. Who is “revolutionary?” Dictators or PRO-DEMOCRACY ACTIVISTS?

Let us move forward to FINAL victory,” Kim Jong-un urged tens of thousands of military and civilians as they applauded throughout his more than 20-minute speech”. “applauded throughout his more than 20-minute speech” is the latest example of Kim Jong-Un’s CULT OF PERSONALITY.

“Commenting on Kim Jong-un’s speech, Choi Jong-kun, a professor at Yonsei University in the South Korean capital, Seoul, said it was aimed at ASSERTING HIS LEADERSHIP“. “He is TRYING to emphasise his legitimacy as a leader and demonstrate where his POWER BASE is“. “asserting his leadership” and “power base” are what dictators are all aboutOn a side noteYonsei University is where ABC‘s JOOHEE CHO is a Ph.D. candidate.

“Referring to Friday’s (April 13, 2012) setback, Choi of Yonsei University said the North Korean state had “engaged in A GREAT MEDIA CAMPAIGN“, which was consistent with its claim that the rocket launch was PEACEFUL (?)” YEAH RIGHT. This was the very first time they used the word FAILUREIf North Korea ALWAYS used the word “failure”, this wouldn’t be “a great media campaign” and Kim Jong-Un’s cult of personality.

Finally, “STATE news agency KCNA reported on Friday (April 13, 2012)”The idea and FEATS Kim Il-sung performed in the 20th century have been fully carried forward and his glorious history continues uninterruptedly along with prospering Songun [military-first] Korea”. This is precisely the problem with North Korea and all other countries with dictators: these countries are far more concerned with INFLATING DICTATORS’ EGOS than meeting the needs of their people/the civilian population. On top of this, again, WE CANNOT trust “state news agencies” whose sole purpose is to BRAINWASH us.

To conclude, let’s return to the title : “North Korean leader (Kim Jong-Un) calls for FINAL victory‘”. This most likely means KILLING or at least PURGING all political opponents/dissidents.


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