Latest Chapter in EGYPT’s Revolution: Certain Presidential Candidates Banned (Al-Jazeera)

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Egypt bars key candidates from elections” (Web-site/URL:

“The head of Egypt’s election commission has announced that 10 presidential hopefuls, including the country’s ex-SPY chief and other key candidates have been disqualified from running”. IF Egypt is to have a TRUE democracy (as GIGI IBRAHIM and many others would want), WE HAVE TO GET RID OF “spy chiefs”. Ibrahim is one of the bravest and outspoken democratic activists in the Middle East and perhaps the world.

“Farouk Sultan, the head of the SUPREME Presidential Election Commission, said on Saturday (April 14, 2012) that those excluded include HOSNI MUBARAK‘s former spy chief Omar Suleiman, Muslim Brotherhood chief strategist Khairat el-Shater and HARD-LINE lawyer-turned-preacher Hazem Abu Ismail”Problems involving TWO candidates should jump right off the page at us: OMAR SULEIMAN is HOSNI MUBARAK‘s SPY CHIEF and vice-president (whom Mubarak was FORCED TO appoint) and HAZAM ABU ISMAIL is  “hard-line” or EXTREME/RIGIDLY IDEALISTIC. Also, “Supreme Presidential Election Committee” is the latest troubling phrase because people or groups who are designated as “Supreme” act as if they are SUPERIOR to others, a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL:

“Abu Ismail’s lawyer (Nizar Ghorab) attacked the decision to disqualify the ultra-conservative Salafi and others from the race on Saturday (April 14, 2012), saying he expected a “MAJOR CRISIS“, something that we certainly DON’T need any more ofLet’s also note “ULTRA-conservative”It’s NEVER good to be “ULTRA” anythingespecially in terms of RELATIONSHIPSAgainthis brings to mind KATE HE who recently had a baby due to parental nagging and CUI XILING took this even furtherby having TWO kids in 3.5 years.

“Nizar Ghorab told Reuters, referring to the head of Egypt’s election commission” “The man heading this committee HAS NEVER BEEN INDEPENDENT“. Of course, this is a HUGE problem.  “This elimination was DICTATED to him and he is working under the guidance of the military council”, the hated SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces), agents of Mubarak. “I expect A MAJOR CRISIS to happen in the next few hours” , which is certainly NOT something to be excited about, unless people are anarchists like GIGI IBRAHIM.

“A spokesman for the Shater campaign (Murad Muhammed Ali) said their candidate had already prepared his appeal. Shater’s candidacy had been in doubt because of A FORMER CRIMINAL CONVICTION“. This is obviously A VERY SERIOUS ISSUE. “WE WILL NOT give up our right to enter the presidential race“, but IS HE ELIGIBLE TO ENTER THE PRESIDENTIAL RACEThis will surely be UGLY.  “There is an attempt by THE OLD Mubarak regime to hijack the last stage of this transitional period and reproduce THE OLD system of governanceand people want something NEW

“Suleiman, appointed deputy president by MUBARAK in his last days in power, entered the presidential race at (the) last moment, triggering both concern and HEAVY CRITICISM from reformists who see him as a symbol of MUBARAK‘s rule and A DANGERto democracy“. Again, this is what GIGI IBRAHIM would say.

Finally, “Hussein Kamal, a top Suleiman aide, told Reuters his campaign would also challenge the commission’s decision”. “Omar Suleiman will take (the) legal route to challenge this decision to exclude him from the presidential race“.

So, Egypt is still A LONG WAY from where it needs to be. In other words, Egypt is still A LONG WAY from achieving its goal/realizing many people’s dreams and aspirations of full democracy.


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