The title of an ABC News article released on April 1, 2012 is “California Teen Leaves School, Moves in With FORMER TEACHER (?)” (Web-site/URL: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/03/california-teen-leaves-school-moves-in-with-former-teacher/#.T4FmHS24t_s.twitter).

“An ANGRY California mother is alleging abuse now that her 18-year-old daughter is living with her FORMER HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER, who left his wife and children to move into an apartment with the young woman”. The mom (Tammie Price), HAS EVERY RIGHT to be “angry”; we can go even further than that, by saying that Tammie Price has a right to be FURIOUS (with both Jordan Powers & James Hooker).

“James Hooker, 41, quit his job after going public with his love for Jordan Powers, who stopped attending classes at her Modesto high school and left home to be with her former business teacher”. Jordan Powers is 18…now. This mess allegedly started when Powers was 14 or 15. Even though Jordan Powers is 18 nowthat’s still a 23-year age gap which, of course, is EXTREMELY problematic. Also, the name HOOKER should raise some SERIOUS red flags. Perhaps this is a MALE PROSTITUTE?

According to Tammie Powers,She LOOKED UP TO him. [He was in the] position of an EDUCATOR [and you] DON’T seduce your student. Period. SHE’S STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. She still LIVES AT HOME. She has A CURFEW. … That’s NOT OK”. BINGO. “(He was in the position of an educator” and he clearly TOOK ADVANTAGE OF a vulnerable and gullible teenager

“Jordan Powers said of Hooker, “WHO HAS A DAUGHTER a year younger than her and attended the same high school” “[He’s] MY BEST FRIEND. I mean, HE’S MORE than just a lover”. THIS IS A CIRCUS.

“Hooker said that while Jordan Powers was a student in his business class, he didn’t think twice about her“. “She was JUST A STUDENT. There WAS NO attraction. There was NOTHING that was out of the ordinary, as opposed to any other studentWe WERE very much a TEACHER-STUDENT role”. “was” and “were” are expressions of things that happened in the PAST.

“Tammie Powers is unconvinced. As soon as she discovered a long log of text message exchanges, she went straight to the police. She waged her own war on Facebook, posting a letter that went viral telling everyone that classmates took photos of her daughter SITTING ON Hooker’s lap when she was still his student. She says that she also discovered 8,000 text messages between the two, along with LATE-NIGHT phone calls and e-mail exchanges that took place when she was still a minor”. She told ABC News 10 in California, “That’s PURSUIT, in my opinion, with some type of INTENTto BRAINWASH A MINOR.

 Jordan Powers promptly responded: “I think that they’re just DIGGING FOR SOMETHING THAT WASN’T THERE. I mean, of course, they’re going to be curious. But I know FOR A FACT that THERE WAS NOTHING” romantic going on between her and Hooker before she turned 18. This is the latest ASSERTION.

Finally, “Hooker confirmed that he is UNDER INVESTIGATION by the Modesto Police Department, but is confident (that) He said that he understands that people DON’T understand their relationship”. “I think THE STIGMA OF the teacher-student relationship just makes it messy, makes it really hard for people to get through to the point that we REALLY DO like each other. We REALLY DO want to have a future together”. This is A CIRCUS. We need to address several problems here: a 41-year-old and a girl who recently turned 18 DON’T THINK ALIKE/DON’T HAVE THE SAME MINDSET. OK FILIPINAS won’t like this, but let’s say it anyway: it WILL NOT be pleasant if a girl marries or goes into a relationship with a man who is old enough to be HER FATHER. These kinds of relationships are the perfect recipe for ABUSE by the older and MORE ASSERTIVE man. So, an 18-year-old girl requesting a 41-year-old man (or vice versa) is setting her/himself up for DISASTER. LOVE DOES NOT only come through DOMINANCE. There must also be EMPATHY.


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