It’s Official: It Will Be OBAMA vs ROMNEY For President (ABC)

The title of a recently released ABC News article is “GOP Superdelegates: IT’S OVERROMNEY Is (the) Nominee” (Web-site/URL:

According to Jeff Johnson, “an RNC member from MINNESOTA who supports former House Speaker Newt Gingrich”, I WOULD BE SURPRISED if Romney DOESN’T get the number (of delegates)  he needs“. Interestingly enough, Johnson is from MINNESOTA, home of Rep. and former presidential candidate MICHELE BACHMANN.

“Bob Bennett, an RNC member from Ohio (who is publicly neutral, but said he supported ROMNEY four years ago – in 2008was MORE BLUNT“. “Look, GOV ROMNEY‘s GOING TO BE the nominee and HE’S GOING TO have enough votesto seal the nomination, BUT HE STILL DOESN’T YET so we have to wonder HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE THE FORMER MASSACHUSETTS GOV. TO SEAL THE DEALLet’s also note that Ohio is the home state of JOHN “Hell No” BOEHNER, so we have to wonder who the House Speaker supports for President. On top of all this, we have to wonder if Bennett is at all related to former UTAH Sen. BOB BENNETT, who, of course, was unseated by a TEA PARTIER (Mike Lee). 

“Santorum’s ONLY endorsements are from RNC members in Iowa and Alabama. In Pennsylvania, state GOP chairman Robert Gleason is publicly NEUTRAL“. “I talked to Rick the other day. HE DIDN’T EVEN ASK ME TO ENDORSE HIM“, indicating A LACK OF ENTHUSIASM on Santorum’s part. Does this mean then that Santorum has GIVEN UP?

“Texas GOP chairman Steve Munisteri said he talked to Santorum for about 20 minutes on Tuesday (April 3, 2012), when Santorum was in Texas for a fundraising event”. According to Munisteri, “WHO HAS YET TO ENDORSE ANYONE“, “Santorum told him “what I already believed, which is we’re only a little over the halfway mark and that HE THINKS HE’LL DO REALLY WELL (?) in the Southern states“. This is another example of a POLITICIAN‘s ARROGANCE, a fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web-site/URL: “He SHOULD go into those (southern) states as THE FRONT-RUNNER (?)”. Againwhat “should” happen is often different from REALITY, something that many POLITICIANS have trouble dealing with “IF he can win Pennsylvania, he’d then be able to put a streak of five or six wins together based on all the Southern states holding primaries“. This is the latest IF, which, againIS NOT a guarantee. Also, Pennsylvania is SANTORUM’s HOME STATE, so if he doesn’t win or at least do well there, he can basically SHUT THE HELL UP.

 According to John Ryder of Tennessee, “who is NEUTRAL (?)”, “The decision to get in or get out of a race is an EXTREMELY PERSONAL decision“. OK. “He’s (Santorum has) got to decide when HE THINKS IT IS NO LONGER POLITICALLY VALUABLE to continue“. This will depend on Santorum’s INTERPRETATION of the political climate/situation (Web-site/URL: IT IS VERY HARD to see ANY path for Sen. Santorum to the nominationobviously. IT IS VERY HARD to see ANY path for Speaker Gingrich to the nominationobviously. “But they and their supporters have to make that final callor will POLITICIANs’ ARROGANCE take over (Web-site/URL: We certainly CAN’T rule this out.

Finally, Bennett finished off: “IT’S OVER WITH“. That’s an emphatic statement. “And IF Romney carries Pennsylvania, THAT COMPLETES IT. He’ll be the presumptive nominee before the end of the month (April, 2012)”. Again, let’s reiterate the fact that Romney is LIMPING towards the magic number of 1144 delegates, so the ball is still in PRESIDENT OBAMA‘s COURT, ROMNEY is the GOP nominee or the PRESUMPTIVE GOP nominee and the other candidates are campaigning for PRIDE or more likely, ARROGANCE.  

Let’s also note that we’ve heard from supporters of ROMNEYSANTORUM and GINGRICH, but not RON PAUL, so we have to wonder IF Ron Paul has given up.


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