The title of a CNN article released on March 30, 2012 is “U.S. calls for Mali COUP LEADERS to step down” (Web-site/URL:”coup leaders”. WHOA. Usuallythe US SUPPORTS “coup leaders”.

“U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner spoke one day after the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) gave the military junta that ousted Malian President Amadou Toumani Toure three days to hand back power to civilians or face (a) “diplomatic and financial embargo“. This sounds like the latest ULTIMATUM. “We echo ECOWAS’s call for the mutineers to step down and allow for a SWIFT (?) return to democratic rule and for presidential elections to ultimately take place“. Again, when was the last time any POLITICIAN did anything “swiftly?”

According to Kadre Desire Ouedraogo, “the group’s (ECOWAS’) president”, “ECOWASinvite(s) its states to impose a travel ban for members of the junta and a diplomatic and financial embargo on the country if there is no return to constitutional order within a MAXIMUM period of 72 hours”. Let’s see IF this actually happens/occurs/materializes or if this is just/merely/simply TOUGH TALK.

“In addition to closing borders shared with member states and banning travel outside Mali by junta members, ECOWAS said its POTENTIAL sanctions include a “freezing of assets of the junta members and their partners, as well as no access to the ports of the coastal countries of ECOWAS”. “Mali could also face the freezing of its accounts at the West African Central Bank”.

“Megan Larson-Kone of the U.S. mission in Mali told CNN that “a small group of demonstrators … threatened to put themselves on the runway, making it difficult for the aircraft to land. The diplomatic missions of the countries involved made a decision that it would be safer … to turn back“.

“The ECOWAS leaders had arranged a meeting with Capt. Amadou Sanogo, leader of the junta that deposed Toure, a two-term president”. So the Malian JUNTA also shares the AMERICAN ideal of TERM LIMITS?

“Meanwhile, the nomadic Tuareg who are fighting for autonomy in the north have taken advantage of chaos in the capital to occupy more territory. Toner, on Friday (March 30, 2012), said he was aware of reports to that effect and that the United States is “VERY concerned“, but they CANNOT DO ANYTHING without facing a HUGE backlash.

“Mamadou Konate, a Bamako resident, told CNN that people were lining up to empty their bank accounts. “WE ARE STOCKING UP. These sanction are severe and WILL HARM THE SMALL PEOPLE, 80% of the population” and we DON’T need to see any other poor people harmed, especially in Mali where the average ANNUAL income is only around $1500 (Web-site/URL:

“On Monday (April 2, 2012), the United States suspended a portion of its aid to Mali in response to the coup”. According to State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, “We want to see the elected government restored AS QUICKLY (?) AS POSSIBLE“. Again, when was the last time POLITICIANS did anything “quickly?”

Finally, “On Tuesday (April 3, 2012), ECOWAS suspended Mali’s membership, with (Ivorian President and ECOWAS Chairman ALLESANE) Ouattara saying, “DIALOGUE and CONSULTATION will be the first instruments in finding a solution, but (ECOWAS members) WILL NOT HESITATE TO USE ANY OTHER OPTION“, INCLUDING FORCE? Of course, we know how problematic the “force and pain technique” is (Web-site/URL:

So, this instability in MALI is just what we DON’T need because the situation in NIGERIA and EGYPT is still unstable and the situation in LIBYA is still uncertain. MALI is the latest DEMOCRATIC country to slip into anarchy/mayhem/chaos/madness. Let’s also note why the UNited States (among others) IS NOT supporting the Malian uprising. In all the ARAB uprisings, PEOPLE HAVE STOOD UP AGAINST TYRANNY and UNDEMOCRATIC/DICTATORIAL/AUTHORITARIAN REGIMES. In the Malian case, AN UNDEMOCRATIC MILITARY JUNTA is trying to wrestle/rip control away from  a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED government, making this an ANTI or COUNTER-revolution.


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  1. Truly absorbing article. Very absorbing and professionally penned blog. I would like to uncover more very soon.

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