The title of a CNN article released on March 31, 2012 is “Clashes erupt in Syria, activists say, as leaders meet in Saudi Arabia for talks” (Web-site/URL: “clashes” are clearly VIOLENT.

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad MUST order a cease-fire IMMEDIATELY under a peace plan Syria accepted and not await concessions from the opposition, a spokesman for special envoy Kofi Annan said Friday (March 29, 2012)”. “must” is the latest example of the “force and pain technique”  (Web-site/URL: and of course, as we know, POLITICIANS rarely if ever do anything “immediately”.

“Explaining how this would work, a senior State Department official said Friday (March 30, 2012): “GET THE GUNS SILENCED and then, as ASSAD (?) takes steps to implement promises he made, then Kofi Annan and others with influence with the opposition would MAKE SURE (?) that their guns SHOULD BE silenced as well“. WE CANNOT BE “sure” of many things these days and what “should be” often IS NOT what IS, especially “guns should be silenced”. This “senior State Department official” is the latest person to speak on condition of anonymity because/out of FEAR.

“At her first stop Friday (March 30, 2012) in Riyadh, Clinton briefed Abdullah and Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal”. “My understanding is that the conversation on Syria focused on the full range of agenda items that we have for the Friends of Syrian People”, a senior State Department official told reporters”. “the Friends of Syrian People”, of course, is a VERY INFORMAL/LOOSE group. “We are continuing to work with them (activists/mediators) to try to strengthen them in that regard. They have been reporting that they EXPECT to be able to make progress and to demonstrate progress at this meeting on Sunday (April 1, 2012), so WE’LL LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT THEY BRING. WILL “they bring” ANYTHING SUBSTANTIAL/OF SUBSTANCE?

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), “In return for a formal commitment by Syria for the success of Annan’s mission, it is necessary for him to obtain commitments from other parties to STOP ALL TERRORIST ACTS, DISARM GUNMEN and to END THEIR TERRORIST ACTS, KIDNAPPING, KILLING INNOCENTS and SABOTAGING INFRASTRUCTURE”. Who is doing this? BASHAR AL-ASSAD and his mouthpiece, JIHAD MAKDISSI, of course.

Finally, “Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for TEHRAN (?) to cooperate with Anakara in resolving the Syrian crisis”. “Iran and Turkey should launch JOINT COOPERATION and HELP EACH OTHER (?) in this regard”. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN,because Iran and Turkey are not and never will be on the same page/wavelength politically. Turkey is a DEMOCRACY and ANTI-Assad while Iran’s MAHMOUD AHMEDINEJAD is a DICTATOR JUST LIKE Assad.

To conclude, let’s address the question posed in one of the videos: “CAN (the) SYRIAN CONFLICT BE STOPPED?” Maybe, but we have to wonder: HOW MANY MORE INNOCENT LIVES HAVE TO BE LOST?


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