“Linsanity” TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Yahoo!

The title of a recently released New York Daily Newsarticle is “NY Knicks’ Jeremy Lin out six weeks with partially torn meniscus, WILL NEED SURGERY” (Web-site/URL: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/knicks/ny-knicks-jeremy-lin-weeks-partially-torn-meniscus-surgery-article-1.1053925).

“Lin’s breakout season ends in cruel fashion, with the second-year point guard headed for surgery to repair a lateral meniscus tear in his left knee. The Knicks announced Saturday (March 31, 2012) that Lin will be out six weeks. The regular season ends April 26, (2012)”.
On Saturday night (April 30, 2012), Lin said: “IT SUCKSobviously. “Not being able to be out there with the team. It is what it is. So HOPEFULLY, I can come back as soon as I can and help everybodyI mean, if this was done very early in the year, obviously, I don’t know where my career would be”. OK, so Lin wasn’t even sure IF HE WOULD HAVE A ROSTER SPOT. Let’s keep in mind, however, that the other 2 Knick point guards, TONEY DOUGLAS and BARON DAVIS haven’t exactly been pushing/challenging Lin, so PERHAPS his job would’ve been safe anyway? I would be definitely without a job and probably fighting for a summer-league spot. But having said that, this happening now hurts just as much because all the players, we really put our heart and soul into the team and into the season and to not be there at the end WHEN IT REALLY MATTERS MOST, is hardof course. “when it matters most” = CRUNCH TIME.
“during a press conference before Saturday’s (March 31, 2012) home win over Cleveland”, Lin said: “I CAN’T REALLY DO MUCH.

I can’t really CUT or JUMP (two basic functions for an athlete)so it’s pretty clear that I WON’T be able to help the team unless I get this fixed RIGHT NOW. It’s DISAPPOINTING for me, it’s hard to watch the gamesobviously. “And I think I want to be out there, obviously, more than anything, TO HELP THE TEAM”, but Lin CAN’T, because he can’t RUN or JUMP, which would make him a LIABILITY to the Knicks at this point and they DON’T need any more liabilities as they are currently  the EIGHTH and FINAL playoff spot in the Eastern Conference (if the playoffs started right now).
According to Knicks head coach Mike Woodson, “I’m ALWAYS concerned when players get hurt because YOU JUST DON’T KNOW.

He’s elected to have the surgery and we got to respect that. ONLY HE KNOWS THE PAIN HE’S FEELING. THERE’S A PROBLEM AND IT’S GOT TO BE FIXED” obviously so it doesn’t LINGER and become CHRONIC/PERSISTENT. “When asked if he was hoping Lin would postpone surgery for at least another month, Woodson said: “ONLY HE KNOWS HIS BODYobviously. “I know athletes that have torn theirs and played with it. I don’t know how severe it is. The doctors looked at it. Obviously, it’s severe enough that they’re suggesting or he’s suggesting they go in and have it fixed so HE’S READY TO GO (?) in six weeks”. WILL LIN “be ready to go in six weeks?”Finally, “Lin said of HIS PENDING FREE AGENCY“, I’M NOT even worried about that right now“.  REALLY? IT’S NOT like a career-ending thing, or IT’S NOT something that will bother me. Once it’s fixed, it’s fixed. It’s the most simple surgery you can have. I’m more concerned about THE SEASON“. Well, Lin needs at least SIX WEEKS to recover so he WILL NOT be able to play again in the regular season because the regular season ends at the end of APRIL,which is only 4 weeks away. As far as the SECOND round of the playoffs is concerned, we don’t even know if the Knicks will make it past the FIRST round or even MAKE THE POSTSEASON AT ALL.  “Oh yeah, I think New York, the way the city, the fans, writers, the media, everybody, I think, IT’S BEEN AN UNBELIEVABLE JOURNEY. I WOULD LOVE TO KEEP THIS TEAM TOGETHER, everybody, top to bottom, I think. WE’RE GROWING AS A TEAM, WE’RE FINDING AN IDENTITY (and) WE’RE GETTING BETTER“. However, the Knicks are still CLINGING on to the EIGHTH and FINAL playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. So, THERE’S CLEARLY STILL A LONG WAY TO GO. “And we have so much POTENTIAL, we have so much TALENT and I think IT’S A PROCESS IN TERMS OF REACHING OUR POTENTIAL“.

We also have to wonder how Lin will handle his “pending free agency”. “Lin’s future is UNCERTAIN. He will be a free agent (AGAIN) on July 1, and the coach he thrived under, MIKE D’ANTONI, was replaced by Woodson. In all likelihood, the Knicks, WHO HAVE MADE A SMALL FORTUNE from Linsanity will look to retain the Harvard graduate. However, they may also try to upgrade at the position and potentially look into signing free agent-to-be STEVE NASH. OK, assuming Nash signs, he should push Lin immediately for the starting point guard job which is something that the Knicks’ current other point guards, TONEY DOUGLAS and BARON DAVIS haven’t done this year. Consequently, Lin has been able to keep his starting point guard job even though he’s AVERAGING 7 TURNOVERS/game and TEAMS average 11 a game. Good players are the ones who can fill MULTIPLE ROLES like JASON TERRY and LAMAR ODOM, who would be starting for most other teams in the NBA, but are backups for Dallas. Role players coming up big in crunch time are what makes legends because there will only be ONE each of KOBE BRYANT, DIRK NOWITZKI or CARMELO ANTHONY. Star players are one component of championship teams. The other is VERSATILITY. The question is: can Lin adjust appropriately, WITHOUT getting caught up in all the HYPE especially from the CHINESE & TAIWANESE media? Situations DON’T adjust to individuals. Often, INDIVIDUALS have to adjust to SITUATIONS.


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