TX Man Executed for 10-MONTH-OLD BOY’s Death: Yahoo!

The title of a recently released Yahoo! article is “Texas man executed for 10-month-old boy’s death” (Web-site/URL: http://news.yahoo.com/texas-man-executed-10-month-old-boys-death-232400115.html).

“A convicted child sex offender was executed Wednesday (March 28, 2012) for the beating death of a 10-month-old boy he was baby-sitting at a home in Dallas”.

“Jesse Joe Hernandez SMILED and LAUGHED at times before receiving a lethal injection for the slaying of Karlos Borja 11 years ago (2001)”.

“God BLESS EVERYBODY (?) Continue to walk with God (?)” If God would approve of KILLING CHILDREN, again, that’s a bad day.

“Moments later, he shouted “Go Cowboys!” in honor of his favorite football team”.

“As the drugs took effect, the condemned man repeated his appreciation for those he knew who had gathered to witness the execution. “Love y’all, man. Thank you. I can feel it, taste it. IT’S NOT BAD (?)” This is clearly A CIRCUS.

“Ten-month-old Karlos was taken to a Dallas hospital in April, 2001 with A SKULL FRACTUREand bruises to his HEADTHIGH and ABDOMEN. So Karlos clearly died from MASSIVE BLEEDING“A week later, he was taken off life support and died”. SHOULD KARLOS HAVE BEEN TAKEN OFF LIFE SUPPORT SO SOON (after only 1 WEEK?) “His 4-year-old sister had similar beating injuries to her HEADEARS and EYES, but survived“. These are clearly HORRIFIC/GRUESOME/BRUTAL/HORRIFYING descriptions of how the younger brother was killed and his older sister was seriously injured

“Hernandez denied beating the children, but later told a detective he may have HIT THE BOY WITH A FLASHLIGHT, WHICH IS BAD ENOUGH. “He did not include the flashlight reference in a written confession in which he said he “just EXPLODED” and struck them with the back of his hand”. “just exploded” is VERY DANGEROUS. “They were being very bad by CRYING A LOT FOR NOTHING“. These kids were 10 months and 4 years old respectively, so IT’S ONLY NATURAL that they WANT ATTENTION and think the world revolves around them.

Finally, “Howard Blackmon, the former assistant district attorney in Dallas County who prosecuted Hernandez, recalled seeing photos of the BADLY BRUISED boy connected to tubes while in the hospital and his sister’s RED, BRUISED FOREHEAD. “DON’T think Hernandez admitted to any intent to KILL. He did admit to STRIKING” obviously because if he admitted to KILLING in such a violent fashionhe would have received THE DEATH PENALTY (which is what he eventually got anyway), but STRIKING would have earned him A PRISON SENTENCE. He avoided the death penalty for OVER 10 YEARS.

This is the latest HORRIFYING attack on a CHILD. SOCIETAL EXPECTATIONS say that THE ELDERLYWOMEN and CHILDREN should be protected. Well, we can take WOMEN off this list because CHILDREN DON’T HAVE THE ABILITY to protect themselves and THE ELDERLY HAVE LOST THE ABILITY to protect themselves, but young women in say their 20s and early 30s still have the ability to protect themselves and be productive – of course, TRADITIONAL CHINESE  in MAINLAND CHINA, HONG KONG and maybe TAIWAN will disagree because their idea is that after women enter relationships or get married, they should only focus on/be obsessed with GETTING PREGNANT, which is surely a controversial topic which is beyond the scope of this commentary.


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