The title of a Fox News article released on March 25, 2012 is Health care law BRAWL arrives at Supreme Court steps” (Web-site/URL: “brawls” are often EMOTIONAL and perhaps/often CONFRONTATIONAL/VIOLENT.

“Ariane Speck and her husband, Dustin, run a small eatery in Evergreen, Colo. She’s OVERJOYED (that) the two-year-old law allowed her husband to pick up health insurance even though HE RECENTLY HAD BRAIN SURGERY“, which is indeed a serious medical condition and was previously/once a PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITION that insurance companies DID NOT HAVE TO cover. “To have it all covered was the difference between us LOSING OUR BUSINESS, LOSING OUR HOMES, OUR EMPLOYEES LOSING THEIR JOBS (and) OUR TOWN LOSING THIS THRIVING BUSINESS.  “IT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE (in the world)”So Speck SUPPORTS healthcare reform, even though is UNLIKELY to get what she wants as COLORADO has 4 REPUBLICANS and ONLY 3 DEMOCRATS in the House (We’re counting the number of Democrats & Republicans in the House for each state because, for the purpose of this article, let’s assume that DEMOCRATS would SUPPORT healthcare reform and REPUBLICANS would oppose it).

However, “The law means something else to John Nicholson, who owns a flower and gift shop with his wife in northern Virginia”. I CAN’T AFFORD a whole fleet of lawyers to handle all of the new REGULATIONS. I’ve got to handle that by myself. THAT’S A BURDEN“. “I can’t afford”, complaints about OVER “regulation” and “That’s a burden” favor REPUBLICANS/THE GOP and Virginia is a REPUBLICAN state with 8 REPUBLICANS and only 3 DEMOCRATS. “I can’t afford” and “That’s a burden” also sound like Republicans and “Blue Dog” Democrats kicking/screaming/ranting about THE DEFICIT. Well, PUBLIC SERVANTS  are ELECTED to SERVE the people, not SIT ON THEIR HANDS, DO NOTHING  and scream about THE DEFICIT.

 “Obama enjoys similar approval when he defends the law in front of FRIENDLY audiences“. OK. WHY IS THAT A SURPRISE? IT’S ONLY NATURAL that we can be more free-spirited in front of “friendly audiences”. “Yet he gave it a passing mention during his most recent State of the Union address and let Friday’s (March 23, 2012) two-year anniversary pass with only a paper statement: “Today (March 23, 2012), two years after we passed healthcare reform, MORE YOUNG ADULTS HAVE INSURANCE, MORE SENIORS ARE SAVING ON THEIR PRESCRIPTION DRUGS and more Americans can rest easy knowing they (that) WON’T be dropped from their insurance plans if they get sick“. This is NOTHING WE HAVEN’T READ/HEARD BEFORE.

“in his brief to the Court”, Solicitor General Don Verrilli wrote: “The Affordable Care Act EXPANDS ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE and CONTROLS HEALTHCARE COSTS by reforming the terms on which health insurance is offered and rationalizing the timing and means of payment for health care services“. Of course, as we know, Republicans will surely argue that this healthcare law, which they mock/deride with the derogatory name “Obamacare”, DOES NOT “control healthcare costs”.

According to lawyer Paul Clement, “representing the 26 states challenging the law”, THE ONLY explanation for the utter absence of COMPARABLE MANDATES is the utter absence of CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY“. OK, so MANDATES should be thrown out. That DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT mean that THE ENTIRE LAW should be struck down/THROWN OUT. HOw many times have we seen/read/heard that MANDATES are UNCONSTITUTIONAL? TOO MANY. Congressional Republicans are already facing a tough election year in ’12 (we said this about Democrats in ’10; this goes around in cycles), so if they want to improve their image/RE-ELECTION CHANCES, they should at least DRESS THEIR MESSAGES A BIT. DEMOCRATS were HAMMERED in ’10 for continuing to think that they could RIDE OBAMA‘s MOMENTUM/COATTAILS. Well, the same thing will happen to REPUBLICANS IF they stick with the REPEAL nonsense. Everything goes around in CYCLES. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUNDWe need VARIETYPOLITICIANS  need to DRESS THEIR MESSAGES UP. THERE’S NOTHING WORSE THAN  hearing negative words such as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and REPEAL, especially if it’s from THE SAME CAST OF CHARACTERS (Boehner, Ryan and Nelson because of the removal of his CORNHUSKER KICKBACK). Not much is worse than seeing POLITICIANS whom we see every day or several times a week sounding like A BROKEN RECORD.

According to Chapman University Law Prof. John Eastman, speaking in a phone interview, “I think (that) they wish they (Supreme Court Justices) WEREN’T in the political eye of the stormobviously. Supreme Court Justices ARE NOT supposed to have ANY political preference/ideology. But EVERYTHING seems to be politicized these days. For example, when SONIA SOTOMAYOR was nominated to replace David Souter, she had the audacity to say “”I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life” (Web-site/URL: This was BLATANTLY RACIST. Also, ELENA KAGAN “is the first justice appointed without any prior experience as a judge since WILLIAM REHNQUIST in 1972″  and many people have pointed this out/made this a point of emphasis.(Web-site/URL: “(But) now that they are, they are going to DO THEIR JOB as in any other case“. Again“do their job” is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from “do their job” WELL.

Finally, “While flower shop owner John Nicholson hopes THE LAW IS STRUCK DOWN, a final resolution from the high court is what he really wants”.  “I hope they make a decision yea or nay, I DON’T CARE WHICH WAY (?), but get it resolved so we can then have this country get back to a little bit more CHEERFUL  attitude,  because that’s going to help my SALES. And that’s really MY BOTTOM LINE. “I don’t care which way” contradicts “hopes the law is STRUCK DOWN.

So, again, we are reminded that Fox News is a REPUBLICAN/GOP channel because “brawl” and the negative comments from JOHN NICHOLSON play right into MITT ROMNEY‘s “I WILL REPEAL OBAMACARE” message (Web-site/URL: The GOP is just trying to CREATE A SCENE in their bid to UNSEAT OBAMA. Again, the question is: WILL IT WORK? We’ll have to wait until after NOVEMBER 6, 2012 to find out (Web-site/URL:,_2012).


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