ROBERT BALES, AFGHAN Murder Suspect, Now Accused of FRAUD: Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on March 20, 2012 is “Afghan Murder Suspect Joined Army During FRAUD Probe” (Web-site/URL:–abc-news.html).

“As the defense for the Army soldier (Robert Bales) accused of murdering 16 Afghan civilians appears to be taking shape, an Ohio couple told ABC News (that) they remember him before his Army days as a CONMAN who stole their life savings“. “conman”, of course , = SWINDLER, the latest word to have VERY NEGATIVE connotations.

“In addition to Bales’ alleged actions in Afghanistan, (an) Ohio man, Gary Liebschner and his wife have come forward claiming that years ago, Bales DEFRAUDED THEM OF EVERYTHING when he worked as a broker for a local investment firm and then disappeared right around the time he joined the Army”. “defrauded them of everything” = “conman” or SWINDLER by definition.

Gary Liebschner told ABC News My income is LESS than what’s going out, so we’re TRYING TO MAKE ENDS MEET“. Well, this could be due to the fact that Bales swindled him or because of AN ECONOMY THAT HASN’T FULLY RECOVERED YET.

Finally, “Asked if it was fair to call Bales a con man, Liebschner said, “I think YOU’VE HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD“.

If Bales is looking for a BAILOUT, this certainly WON’T help his cause. In fact, he has dug himself into an EVEN DEEPER hole. Before this latest allegation, he was only a killer. Now Bales is a killer + a CON MAN.



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