PEYTON MANNING RELEASED By Indianapolis Colts: Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on March 7, 2012 is “Colts announce they’re RELEASING Peyton Manning” (Web-site/URL:–spt.html). SERIOUSLY?

Manning started off: “We all know that NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. TIMES CHANGE, CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE and that’s THE REALITY of playing in the NFL”. Some people, more specifically POLITICIANS aren’t able to handle/deal with “reality”. They are often immersed in IDEOLOGY. “This HAS NOT been easy for Jim (Indianapolis Colts’ owner JIM IRSAY) and this has CERTAINLY NOT been easy for meobviously. Peyton Manning HAD been (it’s strange saying this in the PAST tense) a Colt his entire professional career.

Irsay went on: “Peyton is ON THE MEND to TRY TO resume his career“. Notice “try”Manning had a serious neck injury in 2011 (Web-site/URL: So, he MAY NOT be able to.

On Wednesday (March 7, 2012), Manning went on: “I’LL ALWAYS BE a Colt. I ALWAYS WILL BE. THAT’LL NEVER CHANGE. We’ve got the greatest EQUIPMENT guys in the world. I think about those types of relationships — NOT NECESSARILY always on the field and the touchdown throw to win the game. It’s BEHIND THE SCENES. The LAUGHS. The STORIES. The TIMES SPENT TOGETHER. Those are THE MEMORIES. Those AREN’T going away. Those (memories) will be with me for the rest of my lifesurely.

Irsay continued: “THERE WILL BE NO OTHER Peyton Manning” obviously,… “adding that he hoped Wednesday’s (March 7, 2012) joint appearance would serve to “honor INCREDIBLE MEMORIES and INCREDIBLE THINGS that he’s done for the franchise, for the cityfor the state” and MILLIONS OF FOOTBALL FANS.

Finally, Manning finished off: “I’m throwing it PRETTY well. I’ve still got SOME work to do; I’ve (still)got SOME progress to make“. How much is “some?” But I’VE COME A LONG WAY. I’VE REALLY WORKED HARD. I CAN’T TELL YOU THE HOURS AND THE TIME I’VE PUT IN“. This is clearly MANNING‘s “Interpretation” and can justifiably be classified as a statement of ARROGANCE, which, of coursea fundamental characteristic of “Difficult People” (Web=site/URL:

There’s also another reason why Manning was cut: “Indianapolis needed to cut Manning this week to avoid paying him a bonus from the $90 million, five-year contract he signed in July (2011), although both owner and player insisted the decision WAS NOT really about money. The Colts are widely expected to begin moving on by taking STANFORD quarterback ANDREW LUCK with the No. 1 overall pick in April’s (2012) draft”. So, “The decision WAS NOT really about money?” TO HELL WITH THAT. This was ALL “about money”. IT’S ALWAYS “about money”The Colts DIDN’T want to pay MANNING a portion of his $90 million contract. Well they may well end up REGRETTING that decision because LUCK will surely be demanding MORE, MUCH more than $90 million. So, we have to wonder: will the Colts REGRET this decision? This is VERY likely, given the fact that people who are HYPED often DON’T live up to EXPECTATIONS (Web-site/URL: The Colts not only gave up their franchise player, but also THE FACE OF THEIR TEAM/FRANCHISE/ORGANIZATION, using a VERY questionnable/controversial tactic/strategy of losing ALL but two of their games in 2011 to get the top pick in the April (2012) draft, who may or MAY NOT deliver expected/desirable results. JEREMY LIN is the perfect example of an OVER-HYPED player. When the Knicks were winning, he was serenaded with chants of “MVP” and THE WONDER KID FROM HARVARD, but during the KNICKS’ three-game losing streak and in a game at MIAMI on February 23, 2012, he CRASHED…literally: 1-11 and in the loss at DALLAS on March 6, 2012, he was only 4-13, leading to increased calls for BARON DAVIS to be re-inserted into the starting lineup. The same thing is happening to ANDREW LUCK: he is surrounded by HYPE and HE HASN’T EVEN PLAYED A SINGLE DOWN IN THE NFL YETPeople, especially PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES, must be evaluated on PERFORMANCE/RESULTS, NOT HYPE.



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