Marine Beats Wife IN FRONT OF JUDGE (ABC)

The title of an ABC News article released on March 4, 2012 is “Ex-Marine Gets 15 Years in Prison for Beating Wife IN JUDGE’S CHAMBERS” (Web-site/URL: HE’S GOT SOME NERVE to do that.

“A Florida EX-MARINE who broke his wife’s nose and jaw IN A JUDGE’S CHAMBERS was sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday afternoon (March 2, 2012). In April, 2011, Paul Gonzalez, 29, became ENRAGED when Judge Ronald Rothschild ordered him to pay child support for the couple’s two young children. He VICIOUSLY BEAT his wife, Catie Scott-Gonzalez, IN FRONT OF the judge at the Broward County Courthouse. Gonzalez was accused of BEATING his wife, inflicting a FRACTURED JAW, a BROKEN NOSE, BRUISED, BLACK EYES, BLOODY LIPS and other injuries“. Again we are reminded of how horrific “rage” often is/can be. When people become “enraged”, they LOSE CONTROL.

“His sister, Danielle Gonzalez, acknowledged the issues were present SINCE CHILDHOOD“. So, Paul Gonzales can be described as a CHRONICALLY DIFFICULT person (Web-site/URL: “Paul was VERY HYPER. I remember HAVING SEVERAL ALTERCATIONS with Paul as his older sister”“Paul was very hyper” is DANIELLE GONZALEZ‘s INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL:, but assuming that this interpretation is true“altercations” are clearly NOT GOOD because “altercations”, of course, are often VIOLENT.

“after the beating”, Scott-Gonzalez, 23, said: “The two things that TRIGGERED him (or SET “him” OFF) the most were the CHILD SUPPORT and CUSTODY“, clearly two HIGHLY controversial/emotional issues. “He advised the judge that he thought CHILD SUPPORT WAS UNCONSTITUTIONAL“. This, of course, was a favorite tactic of the GOP during the HEALTHCARE REFORM debate: EVERYTHING is/was “unconstitutional”. Just like Republicans were yelling during the healthcare debate (many on Capitol Hill DON’T have legal backgrounds/ARE NOT attorneys), Gonzales is acting like HE KNOWS MORE THAN THE JUDGE. Let’s also note the woman’s age: 23. Unfortunately, this is what often happens when a young woman enters a relationship or marries a MUCH OLDER man. Paul Gonzales is 29 while Catie Scott-Gonzales is 23, so again, we have to question the CHINESE theory about how women should enter relationships or marry MUCH OLDER men and how men should enter relationships or marry MUCH YOUNGER women

“When Rothschild reprimanded Gonzalez, telling him he’d go to jail if he didn’t pay child support, he ERUPTED, Scott-Gonzalez said”. “reprimanded” is a NEGATIVE action, which SET GONZALES OFF and “erupted” is the latest VIOLENT action. “He had told the judge he was going to TAKE the kids and NOBODY was (EVER) going to see them again. …” This sounds like something that JOSH POWELL would have done. Josh Powell, of course, was the man who set his house on fire after posting a suicide note saying “I’m sorry. Goodbye” (Web-site/URL: “I looked at the judge to see the judge’s response. When he CAME AFTER me, it was FROM BEHIND … he started STRANGLING me with his left hand and started hitting me on my face with his right hand“. “came after…from behind” is another VIOLENT action, while “strangling” is violent and HORRIFIC.

“Scott-Gonzalez’s mother, Doreen Scott, was outside of the chambers waiting for her daughter to wrap up the proceedings when she heard the tussle. “We heard BANGING and SCREAMING and then as I started to run in, all of these bailiffs came from elevators with CANINE DOGS. I just said, ‘where is my daughter?'” Many people were HYSTERICAL at this point.

“Her daughter was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The first blow to her head had knocked her unconscious. Bailiffs had to taser Gonzalez twice to subdue him. The Ft. Lauderdale woman spent three days in the hospital with a broken nose, fractured cheekbone and broken jaw. She was so badly beaten that her children, Isabella, 2 and Nathaniel, 3, DIDN’T RECOGNIZE their mother. “THEY DIDN’T WANT TO COME NEAR ME. … It was VERY EMOTIONAL and UPSETTING, but they’re little. They didn’t understand. … It was UPSETTING to see them COWER AWAY from meobviously.

“Scott-Gonzalez’s vision was so blurred that she had to withdraw from her college classes because she was unable to study for her upcoming finals…” On April 20 2012, Scott-Gonzales said: “I STILL HAVE CONSTANT HEADACHES. MY EQUILIBRIUM IS OFF. I STILL NEED ASSISTANCE WALKING“.

“Scott-Gonzalez’s mother, who is a nurse, tended to her BATTERED daughter on the floor of the judge’s chambers”. “She’s healing surface-wise, but she IS NOT EMOTIONALLY healing. She’s WAKING UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT CRYING“. So, Catie Scott-Gonzalez also has severe PTSD along with Paul Gonzales. Paul Gonzales obviously has PTSD although it’s unclear what exactly caused this horrific outburst.

Finally, Scott-Gonzalez finished off: “GOING THROUGH A METAL DETECTOR [at the courthouse], I ASSUMED (that) I was in good hands, that I was being protected, that something like this WOULDN’T happen“. Sadly THE OPPOSITE was true.

When the last US troops returned home from IRAQ back in December, 2011, they were given the following warning:  “Don’t be the individual that comes back safely, then gets a DUI, BEATS UP A SPOUSE, BEATS UP SOMEBODY ELSE. Sadly and horrifically, however, this is exactly what we’re dealing with here…again: an ex-Marine with severe PTSD horrifically injuring his wife who now also has PTSD (surely, the violence inflicted on Catie Scott-Gonzales by Paul Gonzales caused her PTSD). This also seems like another CUSTODY battle, so we have to wonder: this relationship is almost certainly heading for FAILURE, so why is Catie Scott-GONZALES keeping the name GONZALES? Again, MANY QUESTIONS REMAIN UNANSWERED HERE/IN THIS CASE.


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