RUSSIA’S RIGGED Elections: Al-Jazeera

The title of a recently released Al-Jazeera article is “Russians vote for new president” (Web-site/URL:

“Oksana Balynina, deputy head of the election commission in the resource-rich Chukotka region, told the AFP news agency on Sunday (March 4, 2012)” The polling stations opened as scheduled. EVERYTHING IS CALMFOR NOW.

Al Jazeera‘s Christopher True, reporting from Moscow, “Voting is now underway here in the Russian capital, with a HIGH turnout already reported from earlier voting in the east of the country”. THIS IS INTERESTING. Why would there be “a HIGH turnout” in an election where the outcome has already been PRE-DETERMINED? Following December’s (2011) DISPUTED parliamentary poll, thousands of people have volunteered to be election observers, receiving training from ACTIVIST GROUPS on how to spot any violations and record and report them“. There are two things to note here. Was the December 2011 vote “disputed?” or was it like this presidential election, with a PRE-DETERMINED OUTCOME? Next“activist groups” of course, as we knoware heavily BIASED/NOT impartial. “In a bid to COUNTERACT (?) fraud, two web cameras have been installed in each of the country’s 90,000 polling stations, one showing the ballot box, the second showing election officials”. HOW BIG is each “polling station?” Also, “counteract fraud?” WE ALREADY KNOW who will win (VLADIMIR PUTIN), so THIS IS ALREADY “fraud”. RIGGING ELECTIONS is “fraud” by definition. “election officials” CAN’T “counteract” this kind of “fraud”, EVEN IF they had the best of intentions.

“Putin is WIDELY EXPECTED TO WIN  the vote in the first round and all eyes are on whether he will continue with business as usual or bow to some of the protesters’ demands“. THIS IS A REASONABLE “expectation” so WHY WOULD HE “bow to…the protesters’ demands?”, ANY OF “the protesters’ demands?” THIS IS INCONCEIVABLE.

“In comments made after he voted in Moscow, Prime Minister Putin said that he was “counting ona high voter turnout”. This is one of the few things Putin CANNOT control. However, we have to wonder: WHY DOES IT EVEN MATTER? He can simply MANIPULATE the voter turnout figures.

“Alexei Navalny, an opposition protest organiser and well-known blogger, meanwhile, alleged that “OBVIOUS and IRREFUTABLE” violations were taking place at polling stations and that vote counting was “NEITHER FAIR NOR TRUTHFUL“. POLITICIANS are NEITHER “fair” NOR “truthful”.

According to Mikhail Gorbachev, “the last leader of the Soviet Union who has grown INCREASINGLY CRITICAL of Putin…as he cast his ballot”, “These ARE NOT going to be honest elections (obviously), but WE MUST NOT RELENT“.

“Golos, an INDEPENDENT (?) monitoring group, said it had already registered 2,283 reports of violations nationwide. Lilia Shibanova, the executive director of the group, told Al Jazeera (that) there had been “a lot of abuses” in Moscow, central Russia and BaskortostanOn the positive side, the web cameras and transparent ballot boxes have surely HELPED (?) and it is the first time we have been able to monitor the elections in Chechnya, Dagestan and the Caucasus”. “…the web cameras and transparent ballot boxes have surely helped” WHO? The opposition or PUTIN? Also Golos CANNOT POSSIBLY BE “an independent monitoring group” because Golos is a RUSSIAN name, influenced by Russian STATE MEDIA. 

“An Interior Ministry spokesman said there had been NO major violations“. This person is clearly another PUTIN PUPPET.

True said: “There are some police gathered around the Kremlin, but there are NO large deployments of security visible on the streets in Moscow” AT THE MOMENT.

“Putin himself has put a brave face on the SUDDEN (?) show of public displeasure by telling Western media executives (that) he was “VERY HAPPY about this situation“. OF COURSE. Why wouldn’t he be? The outcome of this election is rigged IN HIS FAVOR. “I think this is a VERY GOOD (?) experience for Russia”. Many Russians will STRONGLY DISAGREE with this notion/assessment/INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: SUDDEN show of public displeasure?” This “public displeasure” HAS BEEN SIMMERING FOR YEARS NOW. This IS NOT a “sudden show of displeasure”.

According to Mark Urnov of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, “The system needs COMPREHENSIVE POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC REFORM. But [Putin] has neither the financial nor the political CAPITAL to accomplish this“. Putin is also UNWILLING to carry out “reforms”.

“The London-based Chatham House policy institute called Putin’s return (to the Kremlin and the Russian Presidency) “the latest stage in A CONTINUING PROCESS OF DETERIORATION, NOT the start of a renewal, as some in the West might hopeobviously. This would be another UNREALISTIC EXPECTATION (Web-site/URL:

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned this week” “The days when Russia COULD BE LECTURED OR PREACHED TO ARE OVER“. Lavrov is clearly another PUTIN MOUTHPIECE. This sounds like BASHAR AL-ASSAD or RUSSIA talking to THE WEST about SYRIA.

“the metals magnate (Mikhail) Prokhorov remarked before attending a Friday night (March 2, 2012) campaign concert that featured a special performance by the Russia POP EMPRESS Alla Pugacheva” I really want to MAKE IT into the second round”“make it” reinforces THE LONG ODDS for this tycoon. This sounds like ROSS PEROT‘s presidential campaign in 1992 and 1996 (simulataneously with the CLINTON campaigns) ONLY because he has MONEY: he has US$3.5 billion as of 2011 (Web-site/URL: Well, presidential candidates must also have BRAIN POWER. Perot clearly DIDN’T have this and IT’S UNCLEAR IF Prokhorov has this. Also, relying on a “pop empress” is risky because as we know all too well, “pop empress” = CELEBRITY, which in turn often SCANDALS…and LOTS OF THEM.

“Putin, for his part, LOOKED RELAXED as he leaned back against the table and addressed the nation one last time before the vote. In the brief Friday night (March 2, 2012) address, Putin said: “We MUST consolidate all facets of society to the greatest degree possible. We MUST work SMOOTHLY and CONSTRUCTIVELYWITHOUT shocks or revolutions“. There are THREE things to note here. First“must” is the latest example of the “force and pain” technique and of course, “smoothly and constructively” is PUTIN‘s INTERPRETATION (Web-site/URL: On top of this, HOW FAR IS PUTIN WILLING TO GO IN ORDER TO PREVENT “shocks (and) revolutions?” This sounds SINISTER, like A VIOLENT CRACKDOWN that SYRIAN strongman/dictator BASHAR AL-ASSAD would do/carry out, which, of course, is DEEPLY troubling. Russia, of course, along with CHINA and IRAN, are Syria’s only known allies, although we could make a strong case for NORTH KOREA here as well and that’s NOT a compliment. The final thing to noteagain, is, OF COURSE, “Putin…looked relaxed”, because, again, the election results are RIGGED IN HIS FAVOR. In short, Putin is POWER-MAD/CRAZED.


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