The title of an ABC News article released on March 1, 2011 is “Ohio School Shooter Allegedly Killed Ex-Girlfriend’s New Boyfriend, Students Tell ABC News” (Web-site/URL:

“One of the teenagers slain by alleged school shooter T.J. Lane was dating Lane’s ex-girlfriend, studentsat the school told ABC News exclusively. A group of friends close to Lane’s former girlfriend told ABC News that the girl had dated Lane and that after they broke up, she began seeing one of the victims, Russell King Jr. Lane felt forgotten after the couple broke up, one of the students said.

She saw something she liked in him [Lane] that others didn’t see,” one student told ABC News. After dating Lane, she and King started to date on and off, but the relationship became more serious in recent months, the friends said”.

“Prosecutor David Joyce alleged at Lane’s first court appearance that Lane DID NOT know the students, but chose them RANDOMLY. This IS NOT about bullying. This IS NOT about drugs. This is someone who IS NOT WELL“.

“Nate Mueller, who was sitting at the table with the victims the day of the shooting, told ABC News that when the firing began he turned to see Lane standing at his table and saw him take his second shot”. “That shot I saw TJ take had hit Russell [King] and he was OVER THE TABLE IN A POOL OF BLOOD and Demetrius [Hewlin] WAS ON THE FLOOR IN A PUDDLE OF BLOOD next to him“. Again, this is GRUESOME. “Nick [Walczak] had not been hit YET SO I JUMPED ON HIM“. MUELLER is a hero because he most likely saved Walczak’s life.

Finally, victim Daniel Parmertor’s father Ron Parmertor, speaking “at a news conference on Thursday (March 1 2012)”, “Danny HAD NO RELATIONSHIP with that kid (the shooter TJ Lane)”. So according to Ron Parmertor, TJ Lane WAS shooting “randomly”.

This is another/the latest case of LOVE GONE WRONG/A ROMANCE GONE SOUR so this is yet another reason why relationships should be kept PRIVATE until THE PARTIES INVOLVED (NOT THE PARENTS) are WILLING to share such information. Here we clearly have a case of LOVE GONE WRONG/A ROMANCE GONE SOUR TURNING VIOLENT, whichagain, is TRAGIC.


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