ANDREW BREITBART (1969-March 1, 2012): Yahoo!

The title of a Yahoo! article released on March 1, 2012 is “Andrew Breitbart death sparks CONSPIRACY theories” (Web-site/URL:

“Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington D.C. last month (February, 2012), Breitbart claimed HE HAD DAMNING VIDEOS of Barack Obama and planned to release them before the general election”. “[We] are going to VET [Obama] from his college days to show you why RACIAL DIVISION and CLASS WARFARE are central to what HOPE and CHANGE was sold in 2008″. WOW. THAT’S A DRASTIC CHARGE INDEED.

“Steve Bannon, producer of “The Undefeated” and a friend of Breitbart’s, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday (February 1, 2012) that the tapes of Obama at Harvard DO EXIST and that they would be released “in a week or two”.

On, Paul Joseph Watson wrote: “IN A STUNNING COINCIDENCE, it appears (that) Andrew Breitbart suffered his UNTIMELY death just hours before he was set to release DAMNING VIDEO FOOTAGE THAT COULD HAVE SUNK Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign”, which only ADDS TO this “conspiracy” theory that the GOP has drawn up.

“Conservative blogger Lawrence Sinclair referenced a conversation he had with Breitbart in Washington D.C. three weeks before (February 92012). “Andrew said, ‘ WAIT TILL THEY SEE WHAT HAPPENS (on) March first (2012)’. Claims that Andrew died ofNATURAL CAUSESare the opinions of his attorney Joel Pollak and NOT the statements of any medical personnel from UCLA or the L.A. County Coroners office”. So, Breitbart DID NOT “die from ‘natural causes'”. “L.A. Assistant Chief Medical Examiner Ed Winter says autopsy to be done tomorrow (Friday, March 2, 2012) and NO official cause of death has been determined (as of yet)” so we shouldn’t JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS.

“one commenter on Sinclair’s site wrote” “”I DO NOT believe (that) Breitbart died from natural causes. He died for SPEAKING THE TRUTHHe PROBABLY (?) should not have announced he had videos of BO’s college daysI find it quite interesting that he died ALONE on a street. There will be an autopsy and they will decide on natural causes, but there is a way to INDUCE a heart attack in human beings“. Someone has to be TERRIBLY EVIL to do that (“induce a heart attack in human beings”). Also, notice “BO”. Of course, it’s an acronym for “Barack Obama” here, but under other circumstances, “BO” = BODY ODOR, which, of course, has VERY NEGATIVE connotations.

“Another commentator wrote”: “One thing is for sure. 43year-old people DON’T die fromnatural causes‘”. OH YES THEY DO.

“a commenter wrote on”: “I’m going to reiterate what I said before. In my opinion, THIS GUY GOT ELIMINATED. Plain and simple“. “got elimated” = KILLEDAgain, this fits the “conspiracy” theory. This is also the latest UNPROVEN ASSERTION, which should justifiably make us wonder: WHO IS THIS “commentator?”

“another wrote: “Anybody who GETS TOO CLOSE TO THE TRUTH WILL BE KILLED“. THERE IS LEGITIMACY TO THIS if we think back to what happened to TIM HETHERINGTON and CHRIS HONDROS in LIBYA, VITTORIO ARRIGONI in GAZA, as well as ANTHONY SHADID, MARIE COLVIN and REMI OCHLIK in SYRIA. This is different however, because Hetherington, Hondros, Arrigoni, Shadid, Colvin and Ochlik died for/in the name of HUMANITY/HUMAN RIGHTS as they died trying to uncover horrendous human rights abuses by ruthless dictators such as GADHAFI and ASSADwhile Andrew Breitbart died for/in the name of PARTISAN POLITICS.

Sinclair wrote: “In light of the comments which have been posted on this article, we want to make something perfectly clear. We ARE NOT and HAVE NOT SAID NOR DO WE BELIEVE (that) the death of Andrew Breitbart is the result of ANYTHING OTHER THAN A BELIEVED HEART ATTACK. We simply reported that different media outlets reporting the cause of death as being ofnatural causesbefore a cause of death has been determined is wrong and has created this sense of SOMETHING MORE SINISTER“.

According to Breitbart’s attorney, Joel Pollack, “This (a weekly web project) has been Andrew’s obsession. HE WAS WORKING INCREDIBLY HARD“. This sounds like TIM RUSSERT‘s death on June 13 2008 (Web-site/URL:, MINUS THE PARTISAN POLITICS OF COURSE.

“Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reported that Breitbart recently told friends that he was “in early talks with CNN about a Crossfire-style show in which he would argue from the right alongside former Rep. Anthony Weiner”, the Congressman whose political career was throttled by Breitbart in 2011. (A spokeswoman for CNN, though, called the report “TOTALLY FALSE“). Weiner, of course, was forced out of office in 2011 for SENDING IMAGES OF HIS PRIVATE PARTS TO RANDOM WOMEN.

Finally, “One thing that may quell the talk of a conspiracy: Breitbart’s father-in-law told the Associated Press that he had suffered heart problems in 2010″.

This implies that Andrew Breitbart died from A HEART ATTACK, NOT FROM ANY “conspiracy”. These “conspiracy theories” have clearly been spun by PARTISAN LIGHTNING RODS. Some people thought TED KENNEDY was a partisan lightning rod. HOLY CRAP. Breitbart, a conservative commentator/activist/blogger dies and they’re spinning BASHAR AL-ASSAD like “conspiracy theories”.



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