The title of an MSNBC article released on March 1, 2012 is “Tensions RAISE SPECTER OF gas at $5 a gallon” (Web-site/URL:

How likely is this “specter?” According to Michael C. Lynch, “president of Strategic Energy and Economic Research”, “IF we get some kind of EXPLOSIONlike an Israeli attack or some local Iranian revolutionary guard DECIDES TO TAKE MATTERS INTO HIS OWN HANDS AND ATTACKS A TANKERthen, we’d see oil prices PUSH UP 20 to 25 percent higher and another 50 cents a gallon at the pump”. “IF we get some kind of explosion…” This is the latest “if”. WE JUST DON’T KNOW AT THIS POINT.

“Although prices PLUNGED late in 2008 as the financial crisis took its toll and the recession deepened, that kind of SHARP increase COULD happen again as summer approaches“. “could” is the latest indicator of UNCERTAINTY which, again, is something we DON’T need any more of. According to Tom Kloza, “chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service”, “That’s what FRIGHTENS people”, as if we need to be “frightened” any more than we are now.

According to Sadad Ibrahim al-Husseini, “former head of exploration and production at Saudi Aramco, the STATE oil company”, “The bankers are SPECULATING, protecting themselves from higher prices by committing obligations to buy now, and that starts the ball rolling toward HIGHER prices“. “speculating” ALWAYS pushes prices UP. “He added that the escalating civil turmoil in Syria, a crucial ally of Iran, “is bound to INCREASE PRICE VOLATILITY and that will DRIVE FUTURE SPECULATION”. “speculating” is exactly what HELEN HUANG in FREMONT, CA does because this is just another CHINESE HOUSEWIFE who has NEVER taken a real estate or management course (Web-site/URL:

Kloza finished off: “IT’S A BIND for Obama. How do you get tough on Iran WITHOUT getting tough on American WALLETS?” This is THE LATEST “bind” that the President finds himself in, but hopefully, he will RISE TO IT and squash any potential TEA PARTY opposition over this issue because we know that TEA PARTY people and sympathizers will be making their voices heard on this issue.


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