The title of a recently released Al-Arabiya article is “Death toll MOUNTS as demos come under fire; Red Cross NOT allowed to enter Baba Amr” (Web-site/URL:

“As many as 56 people have been killed by the fire of Syrian security forces on Friday (March 2 2012), mostly in Homs, Al Arabiya reported citing activists at the Local Coordination Committees (LCC). A shell hit a protest in Rastan, killing 16 people, activists said.

protesters shouted in reference to Assad’s late father” “God CURSE YOU Hafez for having a son like that“, A RUTHLESS DICTATOR/TYRANT.

“a banner read” “The people want to announce Jihad (Holy War)”. Ironically and interestingly enough, the Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman is JIHAD Makdissi.

According to LOCAL activist Mohammed al-Halabi, “Hundreds were taking part in several demonstrations in the Halab al-Jadida district (in ALEPPO), while thousands demonstrated in other areas such as Salah Eddin, Fardoss and Marjeh”. Let’s also note that this is a “LOCAL activist” and of cours, as we know, NOT many of these people are willing to speak out.

“Activist Mohammed al-Shami told AFP that thousands of demonstrators turned out in several areas of the capital (Damascus) and its suburbs, such as Mazzeh, Hajar al-Aswad, al-Aasali, Douma, Qadam, Qaboon and Kfar Sousa”. Here’s another brave activist who IS NOT “afraid of reprisals”.

“in a video posted online, hailing the main centers of dissent against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime”, protesters chanted” “We SHALL NOT abandon Homs. We SHALL NOT abandon Deraa”. This is clearly a message/an expression of DETERMINATION and GRIT.

“In a statement issued from Geneva”ICRC President Jakob Kellenberger said: “The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society (SARC) WERE NOT allowed to enter the Baba Amr district of Homs today (March 2 2012). IT IS UNACCEPTABLE that people who have been in need of emergency assistance for weeks HAVE STILL NOT received ANY help. We are staying in Homs tonight (March 2, 2012) IN THE HOPE OF entering Baba Amr in the VERY NEAR future. In addition, many families have fled Baba Amr and we will help them AS SOON AS WE POSSIBLY CAN“. Of course, Bashar al-Assad will do everything he can to KEEP/PREVENT this from happeningThis is clearly a statement of FRUSTRATION.

“chief ICRC spokeswoman Carla Haddad told Reuters in Geneva” We have THE BODIES OF 2 journalists, Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik. They are being taken by ambulance of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), accompanied by the ICRC and are heading to Damascus. They were handed over in Homs by the Syrian authorities”. THIS IS POINTLESS because Marie and Remi are GONE now/THEY’VE LEFT US.

“In Geneva, the United Nations human rights body reminded Assad of his obligations under INTERNATIONAL law“. Bashar al-Assad has made it clear that HE HAS NO INTENTIONS of following “international laws”. According to spokesman Rupert Colville, “We are ALARMED at reports starting to come out of the Baba Amr district of Homs after it was taken over by government forces yesterday (March 1 2012)”. EVERYONE is “alarmed” at the escalation of violence in Syria except BASHAR AL-ASSAD AND HIS ALLIES: RUSSIA, IRAN and let’s not forget, CHINA the other country which vetoed a UN resolution condemning the violence in Syria orchestrated by Assad’s loyalists, although this dictator will surely continue to insist that ” They ARE NOT my forces(Web-site/URL:, which we know is A LIE..

Finally, “Turkish President Abdullah Gul told Reuters on Thursday (February 1, 2012) that Russia and IRAN (?) would soon realize (that) THEY HAD LITTLE CHOICE but to join international diplomatic efforts for Assad’s removal”. We’ve been saying this for months on end now, but this still HAS NOT happened. RUSSIA, along with CHINA, vetoed A STATEMENT from the UN condemning the violence in Syria. And we don’t even need to mention IRAN because Assad and MAHMOUD AHMEDINEJAD are partners when it comes to orchestrating violent crackdowns.

We should be justifiably FRUSTRATED because first, journalists couldn’t get in to Syria to document the atrocities committed by the Assad regime and now, THE RED CROSS has been prevented/stopped from going into Syria to HELP wounded civilians.


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