The title of an ABC News article released on February 25, 2012 is “Thousands to Protest Against Putin in Moscow in Final Demonstration Before Election” (Web-site/URL:

“Protesters will link hands along the ring road surrounding central Moscow in what’s being called a BIG White Circle”, named after the opposition’s iconic white ribbons”. Will this be “big” enough TO STOP/PREVENT PUTIN FROM RETURNING TO POWER?

“Roman Dobrokhotov, the one responsible for the giant “Putin, GO AWAY!” sign in front of the Kremlin earlier this month (February, 2012), will also be there”.

On Saturday (February 25, 2012), (anti-corruption blogger Alexy) Navalny led thousands more in protests in St. Petersburg, Putin’s hometown. According to wire reports, they shouted “Russia WITHOUT Putin!” and “Putin is A THIEF!”, the latter of which surely is a serious charge against a sitting politician.

Alena Bykova, “a twenty-something PR manager for a major electronics store chain who plans to volunteer as an election monitor”, “I’m getting MORE MATURE probably. The whole society IS GETTING MORE MATURE”. “She says she feels a “new wind” in her country and says she is determined to catch fraud at the polls”. OK, “new wind” certainly DOES NOT describe Putin who served as “Acting President” between December 31, 1999 and May 7, 2000, as President between May 7, 2000 and May 7 2008 and as Prime Minister since May 7, 2008 (Web-site/URL:

So, pressure is surely mounting on Putin to GET THE HELL OFF THE STAGE as far as Russian politics is concerned,  but he will surely pull out all the stops to return to the Kremlin for his friend BASHAR AL-ASSAD, if for no other reason. RUSSIA and China are Syria’s only known allies (although NORTH KOREA and Kim Jong-UN the perfect name for a dictator, could be another one although Syria has not officially recognized the DPRK as an ally…YET)


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