GERMAN President Quits Amid Scandal: Al-Jazeera

The title of an Al-Jazeera article released on February 17, 2012 is “German president quits over scandal; Christian Wulff announces resignation amid allegations that HE RECEIVED FINANCIAL FAVORS before becoming head of state” (Web-site/URL: This sounds like a BEN NELSON-like scandal or what BEN NELSON would have done. Nelson, of coursewas the architect of the “Cornhusker Kickback”, which was taken out of the HEALTHCARE REFORM legislation which of course, left him kicking, ranting and screaming.

“German President Christian Wulff has resigned from his position as head of state amid mounting criticism over a HOME LOAN scandal. Wulff announced his immediate resignation on Friday (February 17, 2012), saying it was no longer possible for him to do his job WITH THE FULL DEDICATION it required“. At his Bellvue presidential palace with his wife by his side, Wulff released the following statement: “I am … today (February 17, 2012) stepping down from the office of federal president to free up the way QUICKLY (?) for a successor“. Of course, POLITICIANS NEVER do things “quickly”. They always DRAG THEIR FEET. “Germany needed “a president that enjoys the trust of NOT ONLY a majority, but a BROAD majority of citizens“. We certainly CAN’T say this for many POLITICIANS. This could also be another chapter in BARBARA WALTER‘s “Sex and the Political Wife” documentary (Web-site/URL:, even though this is not about sexual misconduct. Even so, this was a grave mistake and Christian Wulff’s wife DID “stand by her man”. “The developments of the last days and weeks have shown that this TRUST and therefore my EFFECTIVENESS have been damaged“. So, Wulff has NO CREDIBILITY anymore. “For this reason, IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE to carry out the office of president, both domestically and abroad, the way it needs to be done. I have made mistakes, but I WAS ALWAYS HONEST (?)” No POLITICIAN is “ALWAYS honest”.

“Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, postponed a trip to Rome where she was to hold talks with Mario Monti, the Italian prime minister, and made a brief statement after Wulff spoke, saying she REGRETTED his departure. Wulff was Merkel’s candidate for the presidency in 2010 and is from the same CONSERVATIVE Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party”. What if Wulff was from A DIFFERENT party? “During his time in office, Christian Wulff worked with all his energy for a MODERN, (and) OPEN Germany”. Of course, as then House Minority Leader JOHN BOEHNER saidALL POLITICIANS do some things/carry out some business “behind closed doors, hidden from the people” (Web-site/URL: “He made it clear to us that the strength of this country lies in its DIVERSITY. It’s a strength of this country and the rule of law here that EVERYBODY IS TREATED THE SAMEThis ideal is certainly NOT easily achieved. Let’s also note that MARIO MONTI replaced SILVIO BERLUSCONI who was ousted over “Solliciting Minors for Sex” and “Abuse of Office”, among others (Web-site/URL:

According to Al Jazeera‘s Nick Spicer, “reporting from Berlin”, “He has BOWED TO THE INEVITABLEreality that HE HAS TO GO/he has LOST THE SUPPORT OF many Germans. “This is the outcome we’ve been EXPECTING since we heard [Merkel’s] spokesman say she WAS NOT opposed. This was pretty much something that seemed to HAVE TO HAPPEN“. Merkel was THE ONLY person who could have persuaded Wulff to stay on and SHE DIDN’T. “We all know how SHE is the central player in the eurozone debt crisisSHE cancelled a trip to Italy, which is ONE OF THE COUNTRIES (which is) IN TROUBLE in that crisis. It’s fair to speculate SHE decided to stay to take care of a DOMESTIC problem“. So MERKEL is running the show in Germany, REGARDLESS OF WHO THE NEXT PRESIDENT WILL BE. In Germany, the president IS ONLY A FIGUREHEAD WITH NO REAL POWER.

Finally, “Following the announcement, Merkel said she would seek an agreement (?) with Germany’s main opposition parties on a new head of state and expressed “DEEP REGRET” at his resignation”. Again, we have to wonder IF Merkel would have said this if Wulff hailed from a DIFFERENT political party, at which point it would have been nothing more than a FREAK SHOW. How much “agreement” can there possibly be amongst POLITICIANS? “We want to conduct talks with the aim, in this situation, of being able to propose a JOINT candidate for the election of the next German president”. THERE’S NOT MUCH “joint” activity among POLITICIANS these days.

So, this is the latest case of A POLITICIAN who has been brought down by a scandal.


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