ROD BLAGOJEVICH Sentenced to 14 Years In Prison (Yahoo!)

The title of a Yahoo! article released on December 10, 2011 is “ANOTHER governor DISGRACED, a TRUST VIOLATED” (Web-site/URL:

In “sentencing Blagojevich to 14 years for corruption”, Judge James Zagel said: “The abuse of the office of governor is more damaging than the abuse of any other office except the president’s“. CAN’T ARGUE WITH THAT.

According to David Andersen, “assistant research professor at the Center on the American Governor at Rutgers University”, “…when it’s CLOSE TO HOME, when it’s YOUR governor, THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR STATE, it kind of says something about your state. It’s like CORRUPTION IN YOUR FAMILY“, like GAO WEI‘s “To my loving parents and FUTURE wife(Web-site/URL:, which is “corruption” ON A GRAND SCALE.

According to Brad McMillan, “executive director of the Institute for Principled (?) Leadership at Bradley University in Peoria, Ill.”, “The governor is THE LEADER of the state. When they’re shown to be corrupt, I do think it has the ability to REALLY DISCOURAGE PEOPLE and make them feel like OUR STATE IS GOING DOWN THE TUBES“. First, notice “principled leadership”. Are ANY “leaders” “principled” these days? There will always be SPECIAL INTERESTS. Also, notice “our state is going down the tubes”. Againdo POLITICIANS care about this? If anything, people like Blagojevich want Illinois to “go down the tubes” because they BENEFIT FINANCIALLY from this, although as we have seen, Blagojevich has now fallen from grace IN A SPECTACULAR FASHION.

According to Susan Hansen, “a professor of political science at the University of Pittsburgh”, “”One power that has been limited has been patronage” — what was once a governor’s privilege to dole out of jobs to FRIENDS and CONTRIBUTORS“. This is still happening in many undemocratic countries today, like the GAO WEI example. He clearly used A FAMILY MEMBER (his “FUTURE wife” at the time) to get into the Chinese University of Hong Kong. GAO WEI and CUI XILING surely WOULDN’T have started dating and gotten married otherwise.

According to Thad Beyle, “a retired professor at the University of North Carolina who tracks the changes (of governors’ GAINING power)”, “THE OLD DAYS ARE GONE. In some cases, that’s the way they DID business, but those OLD ways DON’T work nowand they SHOULDN’T. We should tell that to GAO WEI, architect of the “FUTURE wife” theory.

Finally, “Polls repeatedly show (that) the public’s trust in politicians is declining, with support for Congress FALLING TO AN ALL-TIME LOW of (just) 9 percent”, especially THE HOUSE, with all the newly elected TEA PARTY people. “But presidents and governors occupy a SPECIAL place in the political hierarchy“. ALL POLITICIANS have “special” INTERESTS. “Judge Zagel said as much this week when he told Blagojevich that “when it is the governor who GOES BAD, THE FABRIC of Illinois IS TORN AND DISFIGURED AND NOT EASILY REPAIREDobviously. Betrayal IS NOT easy to fix, IF it can be fixed, that is. “Unfortunately, I think a lot of Illinoisans have just THROWN THEIR HANDS IN THE AIR and GIVEN UP ON THE POLITICAL SYSTEM“. Again, this has already occurred in THE MIDDLE EAST. “But that’s (clearly) NOT the answer. What is it going to take for Illinois voters to RISE UP and say (that) ‘WE’VE HAD ENOUGH’?” THIS HAS ALREADY OCCURRED with the guilty verdict and Blagojevich locked away for 14 years. Again, there is plenty of ANGER to go around/share. The more critical question, however, is: WILL PAT QUINN MAINTAIN A CLEAN RECORD? Given that he was BLAGOJEVICH‘s Lieutenant Governor, WE JUST DON’T KNOW. We can compare this to EGYPT because this is exactly why people like GIGI IBRAHIM (gsquare86) were so furious when MOHAMED HUSSEIN TANTAWI took over for HOSNI MUBARAK, who, of course, was ousted in a bloody coup on February 11, 2011. Tantawi became Defense Minister on May 20, 1991 when MUBARAK was still in power. This means that Tantawi IS TIED TO Mubarak. We can say the same thing about PAT QUINN: he was BLAGOJEVICH‘s Lieutenant Governor, so WE HAVE TO WONDER/QUESTION IF HE CAN STAY CLEAN AND NOT BRING ILLINOIS DOWN LIKE BLAGOJEVICH DID. QUINN’S EFFECTIVENESS CERTAINLY CANNOT BE GUARANTEED.


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